Candidate for governor of Alaska appears here

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sam Little of Tok, Alaska, wants to succeed Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska so while he was in Nashville on country music business, he bought a campaign bus that's being converted from a gospel music group's touring bus.

Since he was in Tennessee, Little came to Lewisburg and attended the Marshall County Republican Party's Presidents' Day Dinner on Saturday evening in Lewisburg's Recreation Center just south of Mooresville Highway where he explained his politics.

"I'm pretty conservative," Little said, starting his reply to a question about his former governor and GOP vice presidential nominee. "She's done a great job."

Having made nice with one of the biggest names in GOP politics, Little said, "My campaign and strategy would be different. She was for the Canadian gas pipeline. That's where we disagree."

Little wants it all Alaskan.

In another part of a very brief interview, Little was asked if he's getting a lot of votes for governor during his time in Tennessee.

"I'm making a lot of friends," he said.

Little is a truck driver who says he's sold more than 100,000 CDs with his song "Kamikaze Trail." He says the History Channel uses it as music in its program on the pipeline. The channel bought the song from him, he said.

As for the campaign bus, Little says: he got a "good deal;" it was being refurbished; and a gospel group had it before him.

He says he's campaigning as a candidate to become "the blue jean governor."

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