Petersburg Piddlings

Friday, April 16, 2010

It was good to chat with Frances Scott Murdock this past week. Frances' mother, Ms. Lois Scott, wrote the "Petersburg News" column in the paper for around 20 years after taking over for Ms. Willie Mae Scott when she moved to Shelbyville. Ms. Scott loved writing and hearing from home folks abroad or right here in Petersburg. Ms. Scott had a format in her column each week where she would simply ask: Whatever happened to? Or, where are they now? She received letters and phone calls from all over the country in answer to these questions. She worked extensively on genealogical lines of several families including her own. If you lived in Petersburg, it was the first thing you read each week when you picked up the paper. I want to honor Ms. Scott and all her hard work this week, and I want to thank Frances for the information. She is every bit as gracious as her mother was.

I used to say you needed a passport to come to Petersburg, but recently we are seeing growth and I finally have faith that, even though we have seen hard times, our little piece of heaven is going to be around forever. The new Dollar General store will be here soon. There is construction underway on the town square and new subdivisions and homes have popped up in the area. The Petersburg Lions Club continues to grow in leaps and bounds and in doing so provides our community with a lot of entertainment and also their never-ending gestures of goodwill. I hope everyone got a lot done during "gussy up week" and will continue to take pride in our town. We may be small, but we cast a shadow for miles around.

Speaking of getting gussied up, Billy Joe Marshall and Ellen Doss have their new green roof on and it looks great. Their house, like many in Petersburg, was built in the late 1800s or early 1900s and they have spent a lot of time, effort and planning on the restoration. Petersburg is chock full of fine old homes with a lot of character. Some need a little work, some need a little more, but most are a great place to make a home.

Ms. Francis Wells Welch has started some chickens at her place. James Crabtree gave her a few and J. J. Wells came by and brought Ms. France a Dominick rooster that belonged to his brother, Ricky, who passed away last week. She has named the rooster Rick. Stop by and see them sometime. Ms. Francis, Turkey Warren and Keith Atkinson celebrated birthdays recently at the Petersburg Senior Citizens. Ms. Francis and all the crew at the Senior Citizens want to thank everyone for the help in the repairs and upgrades to the building. It was a great community effort.

We are saddened by the death of Georgia Allen of Petersburg. I didn't see Georgia as often as I did when I was younger, but she always had a hug for me when I did see her. She was a talented buck dancer in her day and could bring a smile to your face by just winking at you. I was at Georgia's house when I was a runny-nosed kid and she asked me if I wanted some taco salad. I had never heard of taco salad much less eaten any. She laughed until she cried, all the while trying to get me to eat some. She will be missed by many and I personally will remember her anytime I see someone dancing and laughing and being carefree. Georgia was 71.

Becky Cashion Gleghorn lost her fight against cancer this past week. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. Ms. Becky and her late husband raised a slew of good kids, who went on to raise great kids of their own and her legacy will remain in our community for years to come.

Ms. Molly Lane of Delina passed away last week. We want to express our sympathy to the entire Lane family and a special hello to my old pal, Tammy.

Larry Fullerton is home after a stay in the hospital and we all need to remember him and his family in our prayers. Thanks to the Fullerton family for being so gracious during a tough time and keeping us abreast of Larry's situation. Best wishes to Petersburg native, David Cashion, as he continues his fight against lung cancer. Get well soon to Bubba Mitchell who has been suffering severe leg problems due to diabetes. We hope he stays out of the hospital and recuperates well at home. Juanita Grissom recently broke her arm in a fall. Juanita is tough and it hasn't seemed to slow her down any and I'm sure she will be back at 100 percent soon. Hello and best wishes to husband, William Grissom. Anita Talley says that her father, Brut Talley is doing some better after illness landed him the emergency room last week. Best wishes to Barbara Thornton who had surgery recently and get well soon to husband, Jerry Thornton who has also been suffering with an illness in his jaw. We hope they are both feeling better soon.

Rita Cowan wishes to invite everyone to "Bring a Friend to Church Day" at the Petersburg First Baptist Church this Sunday the 18th. It would also be a good time to visit the church and Petersburg if you haven't been in a while.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to my aunt, Linda Williams Boyce of Shelbyville and Petersburg native, Janet Clark Eleazer of Nashville.

Don't forget the benefit trail ride for Shriner's Crippled Children's Hospital this Sunday at Tipton Ridge Farm located on Old Petersburg Pike. For more info contact Dallas Tipton 659-9822 or Stu Rudy 659-9353.

The outhouse project is done! I would like to thank everyone who helped: Richard Wilkes, Joe and Mona Pittman, Boo Wright, Joe and Kay Talley, Jerry Talley, Billy Joe Marshall and Ellen Doss, William and Evelyn Beard, Carlos Hadley, Beth Crabtree and anyone else I may have forgotten. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the materials and the memories. Call me with news big or small 659-9060 or email

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