Commissioners send sales tax hike question to voters

Monday, April 26, 2010

Voting 15-3 Monday, county commissioners are passing a hot potato to voters who are to decide whether to increase the local option sales tax, or not.

The question going to voters is whether the sales tax rate in Marshall County should go up by half a penny. Commissioners said it's not a referendum, but rather a ratification of the commission vote.

The 15-3 vote to adopt the resolution to raise the sales tax revealed Commissioners Billy Spivey, Scottie Poarch and Seth Warf voting no.

Voting yes were Commissioners Phil Willis, Wilford "Spider" Wentzel, Larry McKnight, Richard Medley, Dean Delk, Neill, E.W. Hill, Bowden, Jimmy Stitt, Tony Williams, King, Jimmy Wolaver, Don Ledford, Tony White and Reynelle Peacock Smith.

Consumers pay a total of 9-1/4 cents in sales taxes for every dollar spent in Marshall County. All but 2-1/4 cents on the current rate goes to the state. The 2.25 percent local option sales tax is capped at 2.75 percent.