Group says shelter to be upgraded

Friday, April 30, 2010

Facilities for the dogs at the Lewisburg Animal Shelter will soon be improved, according to discussion at a meeting of the Lewisburg Animal Shelter Adoptions group Wednesday.

LASA has 745 friends on Facebook, as of Thursday morning, and the group will get its first opportunity to raise money and meet the public when they sell food at the String Fling, scheduled for Saturday, May 15, in Rock Creek Park.

At the Animal Shelter, LASA plans to repaint the exterior, and put the name on it, as well as maybe some decorations. Inside, they're planning 6-foot high block walls to divide the space for dogs into a number of separate runs, each with its own wire door at the front, and drainage hole at the back. This will be a big improvement in many ways: It will be easier to see the dogs, with just one or two to a run; It will be easier to identify sick animals; Disease will spread less rapidly because fewer dogs are in contact with one another; and, finally, the kennels will be easier and safer to clean.

LASA member Kendall Sanders excels at getting things donated. She told the meeting she could get the blocks for the walls, and many of the soft drinks to be sold at the String Fling are being donated too.

Some of the dogs from the Shelter may go to the String Fling as well, to give people an idea of what's available for adoption.

Shelter dogs may also be appearing at Cruise-Ins on the square in Lewisburg. Ken Todd, of Two-Squared, is a member of both LASA and the Lewisburg Downtown Alliance. He expressed the LDA's hope that the Cruise-Ins will be about more than just cars, offering something for every member of the family.

LASA is hoping for some financial help in the city and county budgets.

"What's the time frame for the budget?" asked Tisha Poling.

"July 1 for sure," replied city manager Eddie Fuller, who added that the county budget wouldn't be finished until "August or September."

"If the city puts in $5,000, Connie (Edde, treasurer) will ask for the same from the County," Fuller said.

"Awesome," exclaimed Poling. "It's going to make a big difference."

"It's not approved yet," cautioned Fuller.

Group members discussed with Fuller possible access to PayPal for payment of the adoption fee, citing the difficulty of making change for people who don't bring the exact money.

They also shared the good news about the dogs quarantined for parvo. Only one puppy died, and the rest have all been adopted or taken on by another rescue group.

LASA will meet again on Thursday, May 13, to finalize their plans for working at String Fling, where Fuller told them they will be set up to the left of the stage with their grills, tables, and tubs full of ice and soft drinks.