Candidates' interests listed

Friday, April 30, 2010

During election campaigns, questions arise about who's running for and/or serving in public office. Such questions intensify when their employment or that of a relative must be disclosed if or when someone would vote on how county money is spent, or how authority is granted by a local government.

A long-time county resident expressed concern about such issues recently and helped compile the following list of candidates and incumbents and their positions in the community. Routine campaign financial disclosure statements require statements on where a candidate receives household income. Those forms don't require statements that, for example, a commissioner's son is a schoolteacher. That would be required before a vote on the school budget.

The following list is not presented as complete, nor does it allege impropriety. It's information that some voters might not know and, conversely, it's information and placement in the community that some candidates might use in their campaign as justification for election.

County Commission candidate Tony Beyer, a retired banker, serves on the regional workforce board.

County Commission candidate Craig Blackwell works for the Lewisburg Gas Department.

Commissioner Rocky Bowden is a retired assistant principal and a current member of the Marshall County Board of Public Utilities, the county-owned water service.

Also on the MCBPU are Commissioners Mary Ann Neill and Mickey King. Neill isn't running for re-election.

County Commission candidate Anna Childress is coordinator of a county Health Department program.

County Commission candidate John Christmas is a Lewisburg policeman.

County Commission candidate Sheldon Davis is the supervisor of the county schools' building maintenance department, the team that's maintaining county buildings now, and he's the son of Lewisburg City Councilman Hershel Davis.

Commissioner Dean Delk is the principal of Chapel Hill Elementary School.

Sheriff's candidate Roger Fagan's son, Bart, is a sheriff's detective and his son-in-law Shane Chapman is a the school resource officer at Cornersville High School.

Circuit Court Clerk Elinor Brandon Foster's niece is Lewisburg Councilman Quinn Stewart and Foster's brother is City Judge Roger Brandon.

Commission candidate Mike Waggoner is a former member of the county's Board of Public Utilities.

Commissioner E. W. Hill Jr. is chairman of the Caney Springs Fire Department Board of Directors.

Keith Hollingsworth, a candidate for circuit court clerk, is a former county commissioner.

William Keith Pigue, commission candidate, works for County Roads Superintendent Jerry Williams.

Commissioner Reynelle Peacock Smith's brother-in-law is Ricky Tears who's a candidate in another district and is married to Ann Tears who is a member of the School Board. Ricky Tears works in the school Maintenance Department.

Commission candidate Barry Spivey is the brother of Commissioner Billy Spivey who's running for state representative.

Commission candidate Tom Sumners is a former commissioner.

Commission candidate Larry D. Thomas is married to Patsey Thomas, a schools' central office employee and former school principal.

Commissioner Linda Williams-Lee works at the central office of the school system is a supervisor dealing with federal funding.

Commissioner Richard Medley is a shift supervisor for the Marshall County Emergency Medical Service. He's not running for re-election.

School Board member Craig Michaels' wife, Vickie, is an Oak Grove Elementary School teacher.

County Commission candidate Donnie Moses' wife, Teresa, is a central office employee of the school board where she works in the finance office.

Commissioner Jimmy Stitt works for the Lewisburg Recreation Department and is not seeking re-election to the commission.

Commission candidate Will Walker of Walker Die Casting is the employer of Commissioner Billy Spivey, a candidate for state representative.

County Commission candidate Justin Whitsett is a paramedic at the county's Emergency Medical Service.

County Commissioner Phil Willis works for the roads superintendent.

Meanwhile, next week's question of the week is: "How do you feel about commission candidates who are county employees?