Serious topics set for Council, Internet display

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lewisburg's City Council was to face deadly and dull issues Tuesday night when its meeting was to be recorded on digital video tape for replay on the Internet.

City cemetery plot prices have been the same for years, but a clarification and the production of a brochure to be available at mortuaries was scheduled for discussion at this month's meeting of the panel.

"The intent is to make sure that some people don't take advantage," City Manager Eddie Fuller said of old business scheduled for a vote when, for the first time, the Council's meeting was to be recorded for replay on the city's Web site.

Last month, councilmen decided to start providing a recording of their meetings on the Internet. Fuller was directed to make it happen.

The one-camera video production was expected to be much like C-SPAN's portrayal of Congress, or an early CNN telecast showing, for hours, the withdrawal of a jetliner from the Potomac River at Washington, D.C.

As for cemetery plot sales, Fuller said Lewisburg owns Lone Oak Cemetery and sells plots in blocks of two: $250 for two, or $125 each. It's based on a traditional purchase for a married couple.

However, owners of cemetery plots that aren't used can't sell them at a profit, Fuller said. Transfer is possible within a family, but "Basically, we have the first right of refusal." The city will always buy at the price paid.

Also set for the monthly meeting was another second reading of a pending ordinance that requires three successful votes before taking effect.

It's the closure of an alley between 633 and 641 North Church Street. Alley closures aren't usually exciting topics since old alleys aren't usually noticeable as passage ways.

"If you went and looked, you wouldn't see anything there," Fuller said.