Petersburg Piddlings

Friday, May 14, 2010

I think it is finally going to be hot! I don't know about everyone else, but I have been waiting on all our "winters" to be over so I can at least put one seasonal wardrobe away for a while. I spent most of this week with my Daddy getting the ground worked for our garden. Due to his illness and surgery, we had decided that we would not put out a garden this year, thinking we would not have time with all the doctors' visits. But Daddy is feeling better and it would have been the first time since I was born that he didn't have a garden. Those canned and frozen vegetables come in handy the rest of the year and taste better than anything you can buy. I love working the dirt and making something to gather from it. It really makes me feel like I could sustain myself if the need arose. I think it is the same reason we hunt or fish. It is a good feeling to know I could provide for myself and those around me if I had to. It gives you a sense of self-preservation.

That reminds me of a day when I was driving with a friend from college to visit some relatives way back up in a hollow near here. The further we got the smaller and more ramshackle the homes became and he asked me how those folks could be happy living like that. My answer was simple: I don't know whether they are happy are not, because I can't tell by looking at their house! I went on to tell him that those people scratching out a living up in that Hollow were a bigger part of life than he could imagine by looking at their home or plot of land. If something ever happened here in America where we had to fight to survive and feed ourselves without money, or if we ever faced enemies on our own soil, those folks will be the last holdout because they already know how to get by on their own with almost nothing. I think the fact that I could survive on my own know-how by growing or hunting or gathering would make me happy. Of course, I hope I never have to find out for sure!

Thanks to Jim Martin of Birmingham for his recent call and great comments on the column. Jim came to Petersburg in 1942 from Nashville to attend Morgan School and graduated in 1948. He still has fond memories of our little town and attends the Morgan School Reunion as much as he can. Thanks to Jim also for continuing to read the Tribune all these years. Best wishes to his wife Rachel, who has been in the hospital recently.

Jim inspired a great idea during our phone conversation. If you live in another area or state and read my column in the Tribune, I would like to hear from you. I receive calls and e-mails from people all over, but so far, I think Montgomery, Ala. has been the farthest reader so far. Maybe we can make it a competition to see who is the farthest away.

Zac Amos celebrated his nineteenth birthday in the hospital at Vanderbilt recovering from his bone marrow transplant on April 15. He now says his birthday gets to be the entire two weeks between April 15th and his true birthday on May 1st. He was released from Vanderbilt on the condition that they remain in Nashville for the remainder of 100 days and he and his family are now in an apartment across the street from the hospital. Congratulations Zac.

Hello to Jennifer Woodcock of Petersburg and thanks for the comments on the column. Jennifer is our local pastry chef, although recently, she has burned up two mixers trying to make icing for cupcakes. We are all looking forward to your next concoction, Jennifer: that is, when you get a new mixer. Hello also to Tami Cherry Bailey who has been working hard on making her pool a little slice of paradise with orange, palm and banana trees all around. Hope to see it soon and maybe have some of Tami's homegrown goodies. Donna Warren and Shear Image will be moving to the town square from the location on Lewisburg Hwy in order to get us one step closer to having our Dollar General. Good luck Donna and thanks for all your efforts to make it all possible.

Norma Woodlee is back home recovering from a hip-replacement after falling during her hospital stay with pneumonia. We hope she is fully well soon. Best wishes to Mildred Barham who is very ill. Best wishes also to daughter Paulette Carver who has been by Mildred's side throughout her ordeal.

There will be a benefit auction to include food and music for Zachary Hardin at Crossroads Market in Delina on Saturday, May 22, starting at 6 p.m. Zachary was involved in an automobile accident in February near the Delina community. For more information contact Crossroads Market at 659-6571.

The Petersburg Ladies Lunch Club will hold its monthly gathering on Tuesday, May 18, at the home of Shirley Metcalf. Anyone can join. For more information, call Shirley 659-9819 or Ellen Doss 659-6457 or Evelyn Beard 659-9060.

Happy Birthday this week to Wanda Sullivan and Randy Taylor. Call me with news big or small 659-9060 or e-mail