Three teens recovered after huffing aerosol spray

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Marshall County teens have recovered from huffing aerosol spray overnight on May 8-9, according to Lewisburg Police.

The investigation, however, continues into what's seen as youthful attempts at getting high, Police Detective Scott Braden said Tuesday morning.

Other young people in the community apparently believed that one of the teens died as a result of the huffing, but that's not so, Braden said, warning that the practice of inhaling compressed gasses or mists from an aerosol spray is dangerous.

"What happened is not smart," the detective said. "All made a complete recovery and are talking."

One of the objects used in this particular huffing incident was an aerosol spray of compressed air such as what could be used to blow dust from a computer keyboard. Compressed air has other ingredients and its use - other than in accordance with directions, is hazardous.

One teenage boy was treated at Maury Regional Medical Center. Two girls were taken by helicopter ambulance to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

In addition to inhaling the aerosol spray, the trio experimented with muscle relaxing pills, Braden said. A prescription for those pills was written for someone else.

Police reports have been filed in the case by Cpl. Chris Sawyers and Officer Clyde Ragsdale.