Catalpa News

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sorry everyone for missing last week. We had a trip to Nashville to see the eye doctor, but it turned out to be a burnt run. The office where I was to get a certain scan had flooded out the week before, so couldn't get it done. However, Sheila, Meriel and I did enjoy a meal at the Cracker Barrel on our way home.

Congratulations to Jordan Pack, who graduated last Saturday. Alice Pack, Tammie Calys, Ford and Louise Crabtree and other family members were all there to witness this great event and then enjoyed a special meal together afterwards. John, Tammie's husband, wasn't able to come in as he had planned because of a medical scare with his daughter, Erica. We hope that she is feeling better now, but missed seeing John.

We had a good crowd at church Sunday. We were glad to have Mike and Kim Murdock; Tammie Calys; Tim, Melonie, Jared, and Jordan Pack; April Smith Garshnik; and Dale Daniel as visitors, as well as Tim Murdock and Tammi Kellar, who haven't been able to come for a while. We were sorry to hear that Judy Dirting wasn't feeling well and had to miss. Larry Smith was also missed as he was asked to preach at Ostella on Sunday morning. Jeff Pack preached for them on Sunday night.

Several from church went on to the Talley Cemetery Decoration. Bro. Carpenter made a fine talk and Larry Pigg did a great job leading everyone in several songs. Even with the threat of rain, there was a good crowd in under the trees for the service. The flowers were so beautiful and the cemetery seemed to come alive. It is always sad to see the flowers go after a few weeks, but we understand how hard it is to keep it mowed during the year. If you missed the Decoration and would like to contribute money for the upkeep of the cemetery, you can send it to Joyce Franklin Burns, 6969 Delina Road, Petersburg, TN 37144.

As this is being written, we are waiting on word about our granddaughter, Kasey Cross Greene, and our new great-grandson, Mason Allen. Kasey went into labor early this morning (Monday), but Mason still hasn't arrived yet. The whole family is anxious to hear that he is here and doing well. I hope to have all the vital details for you next week.

Alice Pack and June Douglas are scheduled to have surgery soon, so please keep them in your prayers. Alice was to have the screws removed from her elbow this past Monday, but it was rescheduled for the first part of next month. June will be having knee-replacement surgery and will be hobbled for a while, but, if I know June, it won't be long before she is back doing everything she usually does at Special Tees and at the Drive-In. Hope all goes well for them both.

Hope to see you next week. Please excuse the lack of a poem, but I haven't had time to find one this week.