Letter to the Editor

Letter: Flood response was hartwarming

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Editor,

What a joy it is to live in a County where people are so generous to their neighbors. While watching the news conference about the flood, Mayor Dean mentioned the specific things they needed to start the clean up of Tennessee after the huge rainfall and flood of 17 counties. Since we here in Marshall County were not hit so hard I felt the need to send help because I had personal experience with a flood in Illinois.

After contacting the Smartts at WAXO, the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministers' Association, and the Tribune, we were on our way. You people responded with donations of exactly what we asked for and the Emergency Management Agency told us where to take it to Hickman County and Maury County. White-Lowe Cleaners donated the use of their truck and it was so wonderful to see the donations accumulate in front of WAXO. Two trucks with supplies were sent to help re-supply what they needed.

I know this column is not a thank-you place, but I want everyone to know the appreciation I felt for you all.

Carol Foreman