Local man's poetry published

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Lewisburg man persevered against daunting odds to achieve one of his goals, publishing a book of poetry.

Ricardo A. Owens' book "Abstract Beyond Vizion," was released on May 2.

There is a copy in the Marshall County Memorial Library now, and the book can be purchased from Amazon.com and other online booksellers.

Owens, 30, aka "'Sohlja' tha poet," had a brain tumor, is partially paralyzed, and has suffered three strokes. Nevertheless, he says, "I write just about every day."

In his introduction to "Abstract Beyond Vizion," Owens says, "This book is written to be an inspiration to its world of readers. By being told something is impossible for you. 'Do It' and 'Do It' Better than you expected Too!!!"

One imagines that Owens has heard "you can't" many times in his life as he grew up in Marshall County, but he doesn't let it slow him down. "In My Thinkin Box" describes how he escapes into thought.

"like a flash of light I can be in that box

havin thoughts that flow like a river while

I'm in it

It's like bein in a state of concentration

That can't be broken,

a train of thought in which thinking

is intensely deep

In my thinking box

Is where I be."

That poem is in the first section of the 124-page book, "Poemi" (Poetry of Me). The other sections are love poetry, ghetto poetry, and life poetry.

A total of almost 100 short poems challenge the reader to see the world with Owens' unique vision.

The press release explains, "Throughout the content of this book, you will obtain the impact of deep thoughts, expressions and experiences through poetry...The concept of content is: mind motivation, impacted inspirations and experiences within itself to share."

Owens expresses his gratitude in a Thank You at the end of the book: "I would like to thank the creator of this Universe, God the Father for allowing me to live, seeing the day of accomplishment and blessing. Giving a special thanks to Vision Distribution LLC for working with me and to make putting this book together possible. Also thanking my family and friends that has supported me throughout this wonderful journey."