Confehr: Debate tix at Trib office

Friday, May 28, 2010

Decisions have been made on how the Marshall County Tribune will present political debates for candidates running for sheriff and county mayor in the Aug. 5 election.

Tickets, accommodations and dates are on today's menu.

There's no charge for tickets. People who want to attend the debates in the Marshall County Community Theatre on the north side of Lewisburg's public square are invited to come to the Marshall County Tribune office on the south side of the square where we will have a sign-up sheet. Come on down starting Wednesday morning.

The theatre has 298 seats. We hope there's enough interest so more than 300 people will want to attend. Regardless of whether that's a problem the theatre board wanted someone to handle tickets. The newspaper is doing that. And, we'll have more on that later.

Having the debate downtown should provide an opportunity for our neighbors around the Courthouse - those businessmen and women who are established as part of the traditional center of commerce for towns like Lewisburg.

We hope the debate draws people to enjoy Russell's Catering at Water Street and Third Avenue, the recently expanded Corner Café at Second and Church, as well as the twin brothers' opening of their '50s and Fiddles venue for music, food and fun next to the theater. Maybe you could get an ice cream cone at the Emporium that night.

We've noticed a yearning for more commerce on the square. That means people, attractions and the exchange of money. Kids might play at the Fun World game room and folks might buy a hotdog upstairs or play pool.

What's that got to do with the debate?

A low-power FM radio transmitter is available from the City of Lewisburg to broadcast the sound of the debate to car radios, boom boxes, house radios and other places, possibly Omars' Sports Grill. Some experiments are to be conducted to see if the signal will make it to Leonard's.

One of the Shelbyville Record Shop musicologists is contacting the proprietor who's been the sound guru for the theatre's sound mixing board so audio will go to a radio. All you have to do is tune in to a soon-to-be announced FM frequency and listen. Stores', restaurants', offices' and front seat dashboards' radios may hear the debate.

That's the where and how on tickets and sound.

As for the time: It's to be after supper so there's time to get home from work on a Friday and get to the square. We envision doors opening 30 minutes before the debate. When that is depends on which date or dates may be used.

The theatre board authorized use of the house on June 25 and July 9.

Two dates were requested because we want to make it as convenient as possible for the candidates. They're busy and may well have a full dance card - so to speak.

Almost all the candidates say they'll participate, regardless of the date. Two are checking calendars or conferring with campaign advisors about the opportunity to talk on the issues.

Y'all come.