Petersburg Piddlings

Friday, June 4, 2010

I hope everyone had a safe and memorable Memorial Day. I had planned on going somewhere every day, but eventually wound up having a small cook out with my family and catching up on chores and loose ends: Mowing and everyone knows how much I love to weed eat. I also created a new flower bed and planted some flowers and plants that Barbara Woodard was nice enough to give me. I hope they look as great as hers do when they take hold and start growing.

I attended the ribbon cutting at Shear Image's new location on the Petersburg square last Friday and it was a blast. Donna Salyers really knows how to throw one. There was great company and good food: Jennifer Woodcock made an awesome cake that had a very clear, edible picture of the new store. One by one, people came walking down the streets or driving up until a large crowd had gathered. What a good time it was and what a good feeling to see another business back on the square. I think that all the standing buildings, except for the old movie theater, are occupied. Recently, Rita Cowan told us that the sinks in Donna's new shop, which Rita used to occupy before moving to another job, were from Partain's Barber Shop. Everyone here has fond memories of Partain's.

Partain began cutting hair out of his house, but eventually moved to the town square. After several years in that location, he moved out to where Tina's Place is now on Railroad Street and shared the building with Bolles Restaraunt. I was young when Partain's was still in business, but I do remember one thing clearly: Pete. Pete was Partain's daughter, and yes, her name was Pete. Pete was a robust woman and wore fringed Patsy Montana skirts, a cowboy hat and boots to the barber shop. She was quite a striking character and sometimes folks would do a double-take at her eccentric get up. She was also a barber at Partain's and now works in a shop in Hohenwald. Petersburg could use someone with her colorful, independent lust for life again. Partain's other daughter Rosa Day, better known around here as Boopie, married Baptist minister, Roy Porter and lives in South Carolina.

One time when Joe Talley was attending Petersburg High School, he went to Partain's and got a mohawk. Mr. Oliver, who was the principal at the time, took one look at him over his newspaper and told Joe to get out of the building! Joe returned to Partain's to get the rest of his hair cut so he could go back to school. I think I might run down to Hohenwald and see Pete again and say hello. Or maybe I should wait and send her an e-mail on my new high-speed Internet connection.

Broadband Internet service is coming to Petersburg. When I say Petersburg, I mean the whole surrounding area. Steve Baker of Monster Broadband tells me that there will be a tower in Petersburg and one near Unity School that will service our area. This may take up to 18 weeks as we will be in the third and final phase of installation. We don't mind waiting until last as long as we get broadband, well, at last. We will finally be able to download programs and videos over the hills and through the hollows at high speed! It should open up the opportunity for more diverse business in Petersburg as well.

I want to invite everyone to come into Petersburg for Old Glory Day, Saturday the 12th at 6 p.m. on the town square. It will be a good chance for those here to commune and have a good time and a chance for those around us to come down and get to know our town again. Old Glory Day features free food and music. All musicians and vendors are welcome. There is also a drawing for prizes. Bring a chair and a friend. For more info contact Barbara Woodard 659-9577. Thanks to Barbara for coordinating the event these past years. Best wishes to Barbara's sister, Zella Dunivan, who is the hospital this week.

Get well soon this week to Shirley Metcalf who is in the hospital again. Best wishes to Norma Woodlee who continues therapy after her hip surgery. Best wishes to Carol Gault this week. Carol suffers from severe arthritis and I have been meaning to mention her lately but have forgotten. Sorry, Carol and hope you are well.

Our thoughts are with the Cashion family following the death of David Cashion. David, who had an extensive battle fighting cancer, was an avid horse trainer and enthusiast. He was also a school friend of my father and he will be missed. David was 67.

Again, I will run some information on the passing of Mildred Barham and her life here in Petersburg when the family has had proper time to grieve. Thanks for your patience.

Hello this week to Gayle Escamilla of Mooresville and Rachel Lamberes of Lewisburg. Good to hear from old friends and family.

The Morgan School and Petersburg High School reunion will be tomorrow at Morgan Park. For more info contact George Warren at 637-1260.

Happy anniversary this week to Robby and Rita Welch Crane and happy birthday to Angie Rogers.