Catalpa News

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello everyone; glad to be back with you. I am finally getting back on schedule. We are still making it slowly but surely here. Sheila and her girls carried us to visit Kasey and baby Mason last Thursday. Kasey wants to send a "Thank You" to all who gave her gifts, cards, and diapers, etc. at her baby shower and afterwards. They are doing well and we hope they will soon come down for everyone to meet Mason.

The Morgan / Petersburg High reunion is now history. The weather was just great on Saturday and there was a large number of classmates in attendance. The alumni are all getting up in age and there won't be many more years that there will be anyone who attended Morgan. The Petersburg News, the little town paper, had several write-ups about Morgan School and the Morgan family. You can pick up a copy at several locations around Petersburg.

The church and community were saddened over the unexpected death of Willene Foster last week. She was always in good spirits and happy to talk to everyone even though she has difficulties for many, many years. Sincere sympathy is sent to Nicky, Tracy and Travis as well as the rest of the family. She will be missed greatly.

I also want to send sympathy wishes to the family and friends of David Cashion. David lost his battle with cancer a couple of weeks ago. His sister Becky Gleghorn passed away about a month earlier. I know this family could use your prayers.

We have several at church that are recovering from accidents and surgery. Brenda Haislip is recovering from a broken foot suffered at work. We hope she will soon be back to normal. June Douglas was back at church Sunday after missing last week. She had a knee replacement done and is getting around pretty well on her walker. You just can't keep a good woman down. Tammie Calys came in last Wednesday to escort her mother, Alice Pack, to Chattanooga for elbow surgery. Alice has had screws in her elbow since her wreck back in 1998. Some of them were pressing on a nerve and causing her problems. Tammie went back home Sunday night.

Our attendance was pretty good last Sunday. We are glad that Josephine McAdams has been coming for the last few Sundays, as a guest of Janice Harris. Tim Murdock was able to be with us but we missed Julie, who had to work. April Garshnick was also a welcome visitor; she comes down quite often to visit her parents, Larry and Joann Smith. We were also glad to have Tammie with us, too.

The Diana singing is tonight and tomorrow night . I am sure there will be a large crowd. Tonight is the last night of Farmington Church of Christ's Bible School. The start time is 6:30 p.m. Cornersville Church of Christ will be having their Bible School next week. I think the start time is 6 p.m. Bledsoe (PoGrab) Church of Christ will be having a four-day meeting starting June 20, through June 23. Sunday services will be at 7 p.m. and Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. Corey Barnette will be the speaker.

Sheila and her girls left out Monday to go to Girl Scout camp. I know the girls have been looking forward to it. Hope they have a good time.

Janice Harris and Doylene Hastings want to thank the Belfast Lions Club for the kind words and plaque given in remembrance of Mrs. Ruth. They wanted to remember her for being a friend to their club and always advertising their events over the years. It was a very nice gesture on the club's part.

Now we will get back to our weekly poem:

Strangers Are Friends We Haven't Met

By Helen Steiner Rice

God knows no strangers, He loves us all,

The poor, the rich, the great, the small.

He is a friend who is always there

To share our troubles and lessen our care.

For no one is a stranger in God's sight,

For God is love, and in His light

May we, too, try in our small way

To make new friends from day to day.

So pass no stranger with an unseeing eye,

For God may be sending a new friend by.