Cashion, Chapman sign with Martin-Methodist

Friday, June 25, 2010
Future RedHawk Matthew Cashion, flanked by his parents Amanda and Mike Moseley signs his Martin-Methodist baseball scholarship papers at Joe George Field in Lewisburg Wednesday afternoon. Back row from left, Tiger assistant coach Monk Reese, Laura Beth Brown, Josephine Cashion, Mary James Wallace, Martin-Methodist head coach Kelly Bratton, and MCHS head Coach Steve Reese. Tribune photos by Anthony S. Puca

Martin Methodist head baseball coach Kelly Bratton replenished his RedHawk roster with two Marshall County High School standouts Wednesday, signing Matthew Cashion and Ethan Chapman to scholarships.

Bratton said, "I'll tell you what, I am originally from Columbia and I have been around this area all my life and Marshall County has always had good baseball. Growing up, that is always who we had to go through to get to the next level. Baseball in this area is very good. We come over every year looking at the talent just seeing what is available. I watched these two guys, saw some ability and some talent there, and wanted to get them over here. We want to keep that Marshall County connection going."

Chapman, recruited by the RedHawks to be a pitcher and possibly play another position on the field said about his opportunity, "It feels good, I want to keep going. Playing at the level we play here at Marshall County will help us at Martin-Methodist. Playing more talent gets you better every time."

Ethan Chapman, flanked by his parents Ginger and Joel Chapman signs his scholarship papers Wednesday afternoon to play baseball at Martin-Methodist College in Pulaski. Back row from left, MCHS assistant coach Monk Reese, Louise Hargrove, Martin-Methodist head coach Kelly Bratton, and Tiger head coach Steve Reese.

Chapman has watched other Marshall County baseball players like Seth Lintz and Mikie Minor go on to have successful college careers and become pro athletes and smiled and said, "I am going to be on the St. Louis Cardinals."

Bratton said about Chapman, "I came over one night and he topped out at 86 mph and you can tell he has a good frame on him. I think he is going to be really big one day. If you get him in the weight room and get him stronger, he could be throwing the ball up in the nineties. The thing about him is his size. He is a big kid. He goes out and competes on the mound and he is just a good athlete."

Cashion has been around baseball his entire life and is the grandson of Richard Cashion who was one of the founding members of the Little League in Lewisburg.

The Marshall County Youth Baseball League complex on Bobby Hurt Drive is named in honor of Richard Cashion's dedication to youth baseball in Marshall County.

Matthew Cashion said about his grandfather, "He's been the main part of me playing baseball. He has always taught me how to play the game right. I've got to thank him very much for teaching me the great ways of the game."

"Martin has always been my first choice. That is where I wanted to go", said Cashion.

"My time here at MCHS has been great playing for these two guys", said Cashion. "I grew up watching Coach (Joe) George and these guys and it has just been great."

Asked about his future, Cashion said, "You always dream about playing at the upper level and now I get a chance to do that in college and hopefully someday I will get the opportunity to play higher then college."

Bratton talked about Cashion's versatility saying, "Matthew can do a lot of things. We are going to look at him in the outfield. We see some potential there that has not come out yet, offensively for sure. He is a very good outfielder with a good arm and if we get him stronger, he could put up ten or twelve homeruns a year for us. That is the kind of swing he has."

Bratton added, "For a lot of athletes, what keeps them separated from the big schools is strength. That is one thing we are going to try to do with both of these guys is get them in the weight room as quick as possible and get them stronger."

Marshall County head coach Steve Reese said about the signings, "Typically every year we have several to go which is great for the program and great for them too because it helps mom and dad's pocketbook when these kids can sign and go on and further their education and also get to play ball which they enjoy doing."

"They both have worked hard all four years in high school, they have progressed each year and bettered themselves, and now it is paying off for them", said Reese.

Reese said about Chapman, "Ethan, he is going to be a pitcher, but realistically if things don't work out that way which I am sure they will because he throws the ball hard and he has been getting better. He is not only a good pitcher, but he can also play all five positions in the infield, including catcher. He is a very versatile player and can play everywhere. He will be an important asset to their program down there."

"Matthew can play several different positions and has great speed and he has developed into a pretty good hitter that can hit the long ball for you. Every time he steps inside those chalk lines he will give it all for you", said Reese.

Reese added, "I think things will work out for both of them. I think coach Bratton will get them in the weight room and keep the weights going like we have the last few years in high school and they will grow up and mature, get stronger, and get better."