Public works collection ends

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lewisburg is approaching a milestone in its service to city residents.

Next week, trash collection services will be conducted by Allied Waste, the private hauler with Middle Point Sanitary Landfill north of Murfreesboro.

The change comes with the start of the fiscal year and a new budget adopted by the City Council. Announcements about the pending change on Monday have been issued recently, but the decision was made several months ago.

As the time grows near for the change, Allied Waste has delivered blue trash carts to homes and businesses. The carts are designed so pneumatic arms can grasp, lift and dump the carts.

"Lewisburg trucks and crew will still pick up recyclable materials on the regular day," Mayor Barbara Woods said in an announcement issued this week. "We are still doing great on recycling."

More than half of the households are participating at some time, if not every week, according to reports.

Woods said, "We hope to encourage even more to participate" in the recycling program.

"Allied Waste will use a lift truck with a driver only to pick up the trash container," the mayor said. "That means that Allied Waste will not pick up anything placed outside this 94-gallon container.

"So, be sure everything you want to dispose of as trash is in it," Woods said. "They will leave anything outside the container sitting there. All paper, plastic, cardboard, metal and aluminum items are recyclable so if the can is overflowing take those items out and recycle in the city's green container on your recycle day, Thursday or Friday."