Letter to the Editor

Letter: Anthony James remembered

Friday, July 9, 2010

To the Editor,

It was a very sad day for Marshall County with the sudden passing of Mr. Anthony Eugene James owner and CEO of AJ Medical Services.

For those who may not know Mr. James had three locations of AJ Medical Services: Lewisburg, Chapel Hill and Petersburg. He was a giver to his community and was known to encourage young people to go into various medical careers.

I remember quite vividly the time that he offered free mammograms. Many women had mammograms for the very first time because of his generosity. There are many untold acts of kindness that I am sure rest only between Anthony and the receiver because he was not a loud or boastful man. He just went about his life quietly letting his work speak for him and it spoke volumes in the Marshall County community.

Marshall County community showed his family just how much he was respected and appreciated. There was standing room only at his funeral service and I know his wife, Norma and son, AJ felt the gratitude for his dedication to our community.

As noted during his services, his business path wasn't always an easy one but he moved ahead despite the naysayers and those who wished failure for him rather than success. Well, succeed he did and I for one will say boldly that this community will miss this him.