C'ville contracts for garbage pickup

Friday, July 23, 2010

CORNERSVILLE - The town has a new contract for trash collection and it starts next month with a safety next courtesy of Lewisburg.

Allied Waste is contracted collect garbage for the town starting the second week in August. Waste Management, the company that planned to develop a landfill near Cornersville, is the old service provider.

Meanwhile, Cornersville obtained permission to rent a garbage truck from Lewisburg just in case their new service couldn't start on time next month.

City Administrator Taylor Brandon pursued the rental from Lewisburg as a contingency plan.

"It shouldn't be necessary," he said. "It was kind of a formality."

Cornersville's contract with Waste Management ends Aug. 7, and the new contract with Allied Waste starts Aug. 8.

Collection day will still be Wednesday, Brandon said. And Cornersville's 465-plus customers would be getting the same shiny blue trash carts that are now dotted 'round the streets of Lewisburg.