Public records

Friday, July 30, 2010

Marriage Licenses

Willie Paul Davis II and Samantha Ann Brown; Dwayne Arzel Foxx and Kathy Lynn Phillips Crutcher; William Troy Gipson and Valerie Gail Cadle; Brandon Scott Holland and Jessica Shea Ackerman.

Business Listings

Poppy's Grill, 4394 Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owner: Joey Saeger; Sweet Bouquets, 3585 Clark Rd, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Dawn Luttrell.

Land Transfers

Overland Meadows S/D, Phase 4, Lot 22, $146,900, District 1, from Rob Huey and Jason Jent to Sandra K. and Ralph D. Schrock Jr.; Horton Memorial Hwy, Holts Corner, Tracts of 239 and 110 acres, and Chapel Hill Farmington Turnpike (115 ac), $0, District 1, from Gregory and Charles E. Harris Co-Trustees to Sarah Case Harris Trust; David T. Hunter Property, Lot 1, 6.83 acres, $25,500, District 2, from David T. and Susan Hunter to Ray and Linda Cox; Firetower Road, 7.25 acres, $0, District 3, from William Charles Lee to Delbert T. Howell; Monroe Street, $5,035, District 3, from Lloyd C. Franklin TR and Beatrice N. Franklin Estate to James E. Davis Sr.; Hickory Hills S/D, Section 6, Lot 110, $152,000, District 3, from Sean and Rachel Adams to Angie J. and Raymond W. Cooksey III; Ewing Street, $60,000, District 3, from Joe W. and Ernest C. Henegar Jr. to Jack E. and Patti B. Richmond; Ewing Street, $75,000, District 3, from Jack E. and Patti B. Richmond to Mary Beth Neece;

Rickman Robinson S/D, Section 1, Lots 5 (2.05 ac), 5A (0.75 ac) and 1 (5.04 ac), $108,000, District 6, from Department of Housing and Urban Development to Matthew Scott White; Yell Road, $0, District 6, from Timmy G. and Jane D. Chapman to Marshall County; Chapel Hill Estates, Lot 22, $181,497.86, from Michael and Charisse Judkins to Wells Fargo Bank NA; Chapel Hill Estates, Lot 22, $0, from Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation received the following properties in District 3 at no cost:

Bridge View Street, State Route 106, and State Route 50, from Dorothy Y. Morrison and Olen Lee Morrison POA;

State Route 106 and State Route 272, from Olen Lee Morrison; State Route 50, from Olen L. and Carol A. Morrison; State Route 50, from East Commerce Baptist Church Trustee; State Route 50, from Buddy T. and Hilda T. Tankersley; State Route 106, from Randy A. Williams.