Catalpa News

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello again. By the time this comes out our Gospel Meeting will be over. If the lessons from Sunday are any indication of what we can look forward to for the rest of the week, then it will have been a very uplifting week. Brother John Vaughn is a very good speaker and he and his wife, Hilda, are friendly, outgoing people.

We were glad to have several visitors Sunday morning and some even stayed to enjoy our fellowship meal afterwards. Henry and Agnes Pendegrass, Dale Daniel, Jim and Helen Hatfield, Angie and Amanda Smith, Matt Watson, and one of Bobby and Gail Porter's grandsons were all visiting on Sunday morning. We hope they come back often. The meal was delicious and bountiful with lots of good home cooking and Lawler's BBQ with all the fixings. Everyone who stayed seemed to enjoy themselves.

After the morning service several went to Merihil for our Sunday afternoon service for the patients. I heard that Bro. Carpenter had a good lesson for them. Even though he didn't have to preach Sunday, he is leading our singing during the Meeting. He is a really good song leader as well as preacher. We have been fortunate to be able to fellowship with him and Alice for all these years.

Sunday night, we had several visitors as well. I won't try to name them all as I might leave someone out, but we hope they will come back and be with us again. Our church attendance has suffered over the last few years, so we are always glad to have visitors.

We have several sick ones that I want to mention. It was announced Sunday morning that Glen Woodard is recovering from some heart problems and has had a stent put in. We hope he is recovering well from this surgery. Brenda Haislip is still recovering from her fall and staph infection. Hopefully, she will be fully recovered before long and able to be back at church with us soon. Jesse Head is suffering with foot problems related to diabetes and may lose a few toes. We are keeping him in our prayers. We also heard on Sunday that Okalene Rowe, who worshipped with us several years ago, had a pacemaker installed last week but is recovering well. She is a very strong lady and we love and miss her from our services. Charlie Pack is having some problems with water in his right hear and has been on medication for that. We are missing Josephine McAdams at church. She hasn't felt well for several weeks, so please keep her in your prayers along with all of the others mentioned above. Alice seems to be recovering well from her surgery and is still on the go a lot. She is always one busy lady!

I want to send birthday greetings out to Eugene Renegar. His special day is Aug. 5 and he and Frankie are very much loved, not only by our family, but also by our church family as well. Happy Birthday Gene!

And now for our weekly poem.

Open My Eyes

God, open my eyes so I may see

And feel Your presence close to me...

Give me strength for my stumbling feet

As I battle the crowd on life's busy street,

And widen the vision of my unseeing eyes

So in passing faces I'll recognize

Not just a stranger, unloved and unknown,

But a friend with a heart that is much like my own....

Give me perception to make me aware

That scattered profusely on life's thoroughfare

Are the best gifts of God that we daily pass by

As we look at the world with an unseeing eye.

By Helen Steiner Rice