Public records

Friday, August 20, 2010

Marriage Licenses

Charles Berdell Allen Jr. and Elizabeth Lynn Hon Littrell; Thaddeus Kirk Barnes and Bobbie Jo Hurley; Jose Leonel Gutierrez Cortez and Susana Nohemi Sarabia Torres; Daniel Eric Paul and Christina Jo Shively.

Land Transfers

Louise McCord S/D, Section 3, Lot 3, $33,000, District 1, from Michael M. Boyd, James M. Coleman Jr. and Billy Elvis Love Estate to Troy and Tammy Welch; Sawgrass Farms S/D, Phase II, Lot 21, $42,000, District 1, from Jeffrey W. Moore and Stacey Booker Atty in Fact to Elizabeth and Patrick E. Ellis Jr.; Eastland Acres, Lot 12, $75,000, District 1, from Leon D. and Patricia Eady to Joseph C. and Ashlea N. Slaughter; Brookhaven Estates S/D, Section 3, Lot 1, $8,000, District 1, from Daniel and Lori Zimmerle to Robert J. and Gaynell S. Loar; Cornerstone S/D, Section 1, Lot 2, $87,500, District 1, from Jent Tate LLC, David Jent and John R. Tate to Myrna M. Gillespie; North Horton Parkway, $110,000, from Ross Sermons to Shelia Boatwright; Farmington Belfast Road, 6.03 acres, $22,000, District 2, from Tonya Coffey to Albert M. Lynch; McBride Road, 2 acres, Tract, 2.5 acres, and McBride Road, 7 acres, $140,000, District 2, from Sadie M. Harlin and Glaydene Lee Gutierrez Atty in Fact to Rocky D. and Mary R. Cunningham;

Village West, Section 2, Lot 43, $72,000, District 3, from Robert and Crystal Farrar to Candace L. Smith and Jason L. Stafford; Westview S/D, Section 2, Lot 53, $66,500, District 3, from Walter G. Gatlin III to Ricardo J. Scarfone and Cheryl L. Beard; Clayton Heights S/D, Lots 6 and 7, $25,000, District 3, from Nancy E. Cherry Devisee, Margie Cherry Devisee and Executrix, and Garno T. Moore Estate to James Dugger; Hwy 31A, 0.34 acres, $22,000, District 4, from Howard Blackburn to Peggy A. Burrow; East Hill Street, $16,500, District 4, from Judy Roberts Executrix, Anita Pigg Estate, and Billye G. Phillips to Ronald H. and Rita D. Pigg.

The following owners transferred property to the Tennessee Department of Transportation at no cost: State Route 373, City of Lewisburg; State Route 50, District 3, Gail Rose Beech; State Route 50, District 3, Robert M. and Phyllis Gail R. Beech; State Route 50, District 3, Debi S. Belmonte and Debi Spillman; East Street, District 3, Jimmy and Ruby D. Calahan; State Route 106, District 3, Jimmy Calahan.