Saddle Creek Golf Club gets its own beer permit

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Food service at Saddle Creek Golf Club has changed as reflected by a permit issued on Friday by Lewisburg's Beer Board.

Board Chairman John Lambert and member Trig Cathey granted the permit to Golf Resources Group LLC with principals Eddie and Donna Roberts who named Dustin McCabe as the manager.

Saddle Creek Golf Club and Grill at 1480 Fayetteville Highway is the name of the business with beer service, according to the permit to be displayed in the building where former Marshall County Commissioner Kim Wing, proprietor of Sisters 3, had been operating her restaurant with beer and liquor permits doing business as Creekside Grill.

"Are you selling liquor, too?" Cathey asked Donna Roberts during the Beer Board meeting that started at 4 p.m. in City Hall on Friday.

"Don't want it," Roberts replied.

Cathey also asked, "Do you take a golf cart out and sell it?"

Roberts replied, "Yes," and City Manager Eddie Fuller noted that the beer sales permit was for "on premises consumption."

"We're not a package store," Roberts said.

Meanwhile, Wing has moved her restaurant to downtown Lewisburg into the stone house on the northeast corner of the public square next to the historic Ladies Rest Room on First Avenue North.

Sisters 3 at the Corner Café is the new name for the restaurant created by Michael Farrar whose bail bonding business remains in the southeast quadrant of the building that was built as a sheriff's office and jail.

People have asked why a restaurant with an established clientele, including "ladies who lunch," would be so close to the new jail, Wing said Thursday evening. She replied that police headquarters are across the street, the sheriff's office is on the other side of the historic restroom and while criminals might resist arrest, they'd be even more foolish to ruin a relationship with any bail bondsman.