Letter to the Editor

Letter: Internet coverage lacking

Friday, August 27, 2010

To the editor:

It seems that my residence falls within the three percent of the county that isn't part of the AT&T complete coverage plan that includes home telephone and DSL Internet availability.

I read with interest several weeks ago (July 9) that AT&T is now covering all of Marshall County with broadband service. I was so excited -- couldn't believe what I was reading! I immediately called AT&T to see when my residence on Verona Caney Road would be in line for connection to their DSL modem. Alas alack, no one that I talked to at AT&T in the Internet services department or the sales department knew anything about this service now being available to all of Marshall County residents.

I next contacted Congressman Bart Gordon's office, as I knew he was interested in being sure that all the constituents of Tennessee have the privilege of DSL Internet service. I received an e-mail (via my dial-up Internet connection with AT&T) telling me that grant monies has been appropriated to be sure everyone have this service available to them.

I have contacted the Joint Economic and Community Development Board about the newspaper article published in our county regarding the supposed complete broadband service with no immediate answer available as to when I - or any of the other Marshall County residents who suffer daily through AT&T Internet service -- will be included in their complete coverage plan.

My question is simply: When will we be allowed to join the 21st century?

Carole A. Davis