Catalpa News

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello again to all my friends. Hope all of you are doing well. We are trying to stay out of the heat, but hopefully the next few days will be better. Since we had several days of rain, the yards are really growing. All I can hear right now is the sound of Jeff and Meriel mowing our yard. We are still getting some tomatoes and okra -- that's all we had planted this year. Sheila and Terry have plowed their garden under because the dry weather in Shelbyville took its toll on it before these last rains came.

It's FOOTBALL time again. Charlie Pack and Landry Murdock are playing for the Cornersville youth teams. Then there is always Tennessee and the Titans among other teams; but these are the ones we root for in our family. Sheila and Meriel enjoy going to the Lincoln County Falcon games on Friday nights. Hope all of our teams do well this year. Of course there is still some good baseball games right now, too. The Braves are leading in their division and hope to make it to the World Series.

We were glad to have Bro. Carpenter and Alice back with us Sunday. After church, they went to visit Judy Derting in Marshall Medical Center and Jesse Head at Oakwood Hall. Judy is having problems with a blood clot in her leg. I just heard that Jesse has been able to come home for a few days. We hope they will be stronger soon.

A few more of our number will be having some procedures in the near future. Larry Smith has been having problems with his knee and will have knee replacement surgery on Oct 11. Terri Pack will need some jaw and gum surgery soon, but we don't know when it will be. Please keep all of these people in your prayers along with June Douglas, Gary Douglas, Alice Pack, Brenda Haislip, and Mary Jane Baugher, who recently lost her husband.

We welcomed Josephine McAdams, Cary Porter, and Brenda Haislip at services Sunday morning. Josephine and Brenda are struggling with their health but they make every effort to be with us. We were also glad that Cary could be with us; he doesn't get to come often.

The Carpenters spent a few days last week in Tansi with other family members. We were sorry to hear that they had to make a trip to the ER while they were there. Alice is suffering with some inflammatory arthritis in one of her ankles and also some type of insect bite, but she still keeps going. The weather held out for Bro. Carpenter to get in some golf and they also had several more celebrations for their 50th anniversary.

Sunday was Catalpa's day for services at Merihil. Larry and Joann Smith, June and Gary Douglas, Meriel, Juanita, Jeff, and Charlie Pack and Alice Pack all attended. Larry gave the lesson and Jeff led the singing. There were several patients able to join them for the services.

From all accounts, the benefit for Shirley Metcalf was well attended. I hope they were able to raise a lot of money to help with her medical bills. Shirley is such a sweet person and always ready to help others.

This Friday, Aug. 27, Lynnville Church of Christ will be hosting the Area-Wide Singing at 7 p.m. Then next week, Sept 3, Catalpa will be hosting it. If you haven't been to Catalpa, you need to know that our building's acoustics are amazing. Please try to come and be with us.

I almost forgot our birthday list for this week. Happy Birthday to Michael Head, Aug. 26; Meriel Pack, Aug. 30; Terri Pack, Aug. 31; Sheila Upchurch, Sept. 1; and Tim Pack, Sept. 4. Hope all of these folks have a good birthday.

I'll close now with our weekly poem.

Your Life Will Be Blessed If You Look For The Best

It's easy to grow downhearted when nothing goes your way,

It's easy to be discouraged when you've had a troublesome day,

But trouble is only a challenge to spur you on to achieve

The best that God has to offer, if you have faith to believe!

By Helen Steiner Rice