Catalpa News

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello to all. The weather wasn't bad today when Janice and I went for our walk around noon, but those clouds were getting a bit dark. The past few days have not been as hot, at least. Several, I'm sure, are enjoying the Celebration. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day.

Today (Monday) is Meriel's 76th birthday. Per typical fashion, he went to work. He has worked for the city of Petersburg for 19+ years now and then comes home and mows our yard and does other things most days. He has been an elder at Catalpa for several years as well. Tuesday, Aug. 31, was Terri Lynn Pack's birthday and Wednesday, Sept 1, was Sheila's birthday. Tim Pack will celebrate his birthday this Saturday, Sept. 4. We seem to have most of our birthdays within a two or three week span. Hope they all have a good birthday.

We were glad to have Judy Derting back at church after missing the week before with a blood clot in her leg. She may not have felt like being there but she came on anyway. Hope she continues to improve. Josephine McAdams was also able to be with us, but we missed Brenda Haislip. Hope all is well with her.

We are very concerned with Jesse Head's health at this time. After being home for nearly a week he had to be rushed back to the hospital in Columbia on Sunday night. His blood pressure and blood sugar were all out of "whack" and it was a very serious time for him. Word just came in that the doctors will have to remove one of his feet because of more infection. We are praying for him, Marilyn, and Michael as well as the rest of the family.

Saturday night, Charlie Pack had a football game in Chapel Hill. Cornersville lost but there was a good crowd there to support them. Jeff, Terri, and Logan Pack, Sue Lyles, Jeff and Kim Hesser, and Sheila, Kami, and Shawnee Upchurch were all cheering for Charlie, who despite being one of the smallest on the team, got several tackles. Aunt Sheila calls him "Mighty Mouse" because he stands up to those bigger boys and holds his own. I forgot to mention that Logan is the "WaterBoy."

Alice Pack, Meriel and I met Gene, Frankie and Cecil Renegar at Mildred's in Park City as an early birthday dinner for Meriel. We all had some good food and a lot of fun. Sorry that Frances Dunnivan wasn't able to come as planned. Maybe she can make it next time.

I hope everyone will come be with us at Catalpa for the area wide singing tonight (Friday, Sept. 3). We will get started around 7 p.m. and there will be refreshments afterwards. We are hoping for a good crowd.

This Sunday, Bro. Carpenter and Alice have asked off so Jeff Pack will be bringing us our lessons at each service. I know he will do a fine job as usual. Since football season is starting, Bro Carpenter saves up his Sundays off to be able to attend Auburn's night games. He is a big fan, but we let him get by with it even though most of us at church are for UT.

Congratulations to Alice Pack. She has sold her house and is in the process of having one built closer to her parents in Lewisburg. We hope she will enjoy her new house but will miss her being almost next door to us as she has been for the last 40 years.

I hope I haven't left anything out; but if I have, forgive me.

Our poem for this week:

Listen in Silence If You Would Hear

Silently the green leaves grow,

Is silence falls the soft, white snow,

Silently the flowers bloom,

In silence sunshine fills a room.

Silently bright stars appear,

In silence velvet night draws near,

And silently God enters in

To free a troubled heart from sin.

By Helen Steiner Rice