Three votes took 20 minutes

Monday, September 6, 2010

In about 20 minutes on Thursday night, Marshall County's 18 commissioners conducted three votes, electing a chairman, a president pro tem who serves as vice chairman, and five men to the Nominating Committee.

The committee received requests and was to make assignments to the other 22 committees for the basic work of the commission. It's where much of the public debate on county business would be conducted so recommendations can be forwarded to the commission's monthly meeting for decisions.

The Nominating Committee was scheduled to meet Tuesday night, Sept. 7, to organize the 22 committees, although there's a possibility the members might recommend dissolving a committee that's seen by some as outlasting its usefulness.

The Thursday night meeting started at 6 p.m. By 6:20 p.m., it was over and the Nominating committee gathered to organize and elect its officers and then recess until Tuesday at 4:45 p.m., or 75 minutes before the commissioners are scheduled to meet again. A chief topic of concern is the chool budget.

Ten of the 18 commissioner were elected Aug. 5. The eight others were re-elected.


The 11-5-2 vote resulting in Commissioner Tom Sumners as chairman was as follows.

Voting for Sumners were Commissioners Dean Delk, Mike Waggoner, Rocky Bowden, E.W. Hill, Barry Spivey, Jeff Taylor, John Christmas, Phil Willis, John Richard Hill Jr., Nathan Johnson and Sumners.

Voting for Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett to be chairman were Commissioners Mickey King, Kevin VanHooser, Don Ledford, Sheldon Davis and Reynelle Peacock Smith.

Voting for Commissioner Anna Childress to be chairman were Commissioner Seth Warf and Childress.


A 12-3-3 vote resulted in the election of Commissioner Rocky Bowden as president pro tem was as follows.

Voting for Bowden were Delk, Waggoner, Bowden, E.W. Hill, Spivey, VanHooser, Taylor, Christmas, Davis, Willis (who changed his vote from King to Bowden), Johnson and Sumners.

Voting for Childress were Childress, Warf and John Richard Hill Jr.

Voting for King were King, Ledford, and Smith.


Eight commissioners were nominated to be members of the Nominating Committee, the panel that receives requests from commissioners who list the committees that interest them the most.

Winners of the election were selected by a plurality, meaning the top five vote getters became the members of the Nominating Committee. Each of the 18 commissioners named their five preferences.

The Nominating Committee consists of commissioners: Delk and E.W. Hill, each of whom received 15 of a possible 18 votes; Bowden and Warf, both of whom received 14 votes; and Phil Willis who received 13 votes.

Also nominated were: Childress, eight; King, five; and Ledford, three.

The commissioners' vote tallies show the following.

Nine, or half of the 18 commissioners -- Waggoner, Willis, Bowden, Spivey, Taylor, Christmas, Davis, E.W. Hill, and Sumners -- voted for Delk, Hill, Bowden, Warf and Willis.

Two commissioners who were elected to the committee, didn't vote for themselves.

They are: Delk who voted for voted for Hill, Bowden, Warf, Willis and Childress; and Warf who voted for Delk, Hill, Bowden, Childress and King.

The other commissioners voted as follows.

VanHooser: Delk, Hill, Bowden, Warf and King.

Johnson: Delk, Hill, Bowden, Willis and Childress.

Childress: Delk, Bowden, Warf, Childress and Ledford.

Ledford: Delk, Bowden, Childress, King and Ledford.

Smith: Hill, Willis, King, Ledford and Childress.

King: Delk, Warf, Childress, King and Ledford.

Robert Hill: Bowden, Warf, E.W. Hill, Willis and Childress.