Old Sanford pencil plant demolition starts inside

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sanford Brands has hired a Nashville-based demolition company to tear down and remove the old pencil factory on Spring Place Road.

The job is to be completed within three months, according to Demo Plus Inc. Project Manager Ronnie Setzer who spoke on Wednesday about the job that's already started.

"I've got a crew there now," Setzer said. "We try to divert as much material as we can from the landfill. That's what we're doing now in the office. The rest is the warehouse. We started on the interior.

"The plan is to have the excavators delivered this week and have my operators on site Monday morning," he said.

Setzer's crews are to be working four 10-hour days each week for a project expected to take 10 weeks to three months, depending on the weather during 75 "working calendar days," he said. Heavy rain, lightning and extreme cold are reasons to temporarily suspend work.

Demo Plus' staffing agency was here and interviewed local residents for the work," Setzer said.

"About seven local people" were hired and about as many Demo Plus employees will demolish the building and clear the lot," Setzer said. "We've even used local resources such as the Co-op. They're selling the fuel for my equipment."

Reflecting on his responsibilities, the project manager continued, "When we do structural demo, safety is the first issue. I'm not going to close down Spring Place Road, but I need people to keep 100-150 feet away."

Much of the work will be at the rear of the building.

"I don't want people in the building for their own safety," he said.

As for where the demolition rubble will go, Setzer said, "I was going to use the (Cedar Ridge) landfill there, but I found out from Waste Management that their expansion permit hasn't been granted, but we are using a local solid fill site."

The demolition project will not include blasting or a wrecking ball. Demo Plus doesn't have a wrecking ball.

Next week, Setzer anticipates having "probably 15-20 guys on site... This is a common size for us. We've been in the business for 6-7 years. We've done hospitals, warehouses, and interior guts of 25,000 square feet. This job is "right in our range size," he said.