Valentine: Mainstream media ignore real truth

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Meg Whitman/illegal housekeeper story may not be of interest to you unless you live in California but it should. Why? Because there's a side of the story that the mainstream media are ignoring. Imagine that.

A little background. Meg Whitman is the former eBay exec who is running for governor of California. She's accused of employing an illegal alien as a housekeeper and here is where the mainstream media lose the scent of the story.

Naturally, the scandalous nature of a Republican political candidate who has been critical of our nation's lackadaisical attitude toward illegal immigration actually hiring an illegal herself is too good to pass up. It's also fair game. If Whitman is a hypocrite then we need to know.

Ah, but here is where the story gets good. Whitman hired the housekeeper through an agency that provided Whitman with a Social Security card, a driver's license and an I-9 form for the employee. The housekeeper worked for Whitman for nine years. When she came to Whitman and confessed her illegal status she was terminated.

Now she's being represented by famed publicity hound Gloria Allred and Allred is portraying the ex-housekeeper as a victim; says she was "emotionally and financially abused." She was making $23 an hour, for crying out loud, before Whitman and her husband sacked her.

Yes, but Allred says Whitman should've known the housekeeper was illegal. She says asking for documentation was not enough. This is the part of the story the mainstream media are either missing or ignoring.

Isn't this exactly what the liberals have been complaining about with Arizona? Had Whitman gone beyond the standard Social Security card check and driver's license check and ordered a background investigation of her potential housekeeper wouldn't that be profiling in the liberals' world? What more was she supposed to do?

This isn't the first time the liberals have tried to play "gotcha" with the illegal immigration issue and it won't be the last. You can bank on liberals sniffing around the landscaping crews and domestic help of every Republican candidate. Chances are they'll hit pay dirt because the vast majority of people who hire people to mow their lawns or clean their houses do so through third parties. It is incumbent upon the people who actually hire the employees to make sure they're legal, not those who contract with an agency or landscaping company.

I'm in the process of building a house and I've had several discussions with the contractor to ensure that no illegals are working on the project. He has assured me that there are none but he -- and I -- must rely on the honesty of the subcontractors. Were I to visit the job site and start carding anyone Hispanic I would be accused of profiling or worse.

Whitman has found herself on the defensive with this issue but she could easily turn the tables on her opponents. They claim this latest revelation will damage Whitman with the Hispanic vote but that makes no sense whatsoever. She hired a Hispanic woman and paid her well beyond the market wages for a housekeeper position and somehow she has some apologizing to do to the so-called Hispanic community?

At the very least we need some consistency from this crowd. I suppose Whitman would've been better off to reject the employment of anyone Hispanic to avoid the predicament in which she finds herself. It's a testament to her non-bias nature that she hired the Hispanic housekeeper. She obviously wasn't doing it for the cheap labor.

Ultimately, Allred and the liberals are the ones who are encouraging discrimination.

Phil Valentine is an author and syndicated radio talk show host. His website is