L'burg panel endorses health, wellness clinic

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Lewisburg woman on Tuesday withdrew her request to change her home's zoning from residential to a medical classification so she could establish a health and wellness clinic.

Pam White and her husband, Ed, also have programs for healthy eating, exercise and weight loss, she told the commissioners when they met in City Hall this week. Montclair Health and Wellness was intended for health care intervention focused on prevention.

Ultimately, Pam White realized she and Ed should look for another location for their business, although their home is well situated for their plan.

Their house has a swimming pool and so aqua therapy was planned at 550 Montclair St., as well as internal and alternative medicine, nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, hypertension, obesity and cancer prevention, White said.

She was told that rezoning the lot would be "spot zoning," something the commission could not permit, even though its chief task is making recommendations to the City Council.

While the White's representative, Dr. Dennis McCracken, explained in an Oct. 8 letter to the city that the property adjoins a commercial zone along Cornersville Road, the Rev. Leland Cardin, a planning commissioner, pointed out that the house is in a residential zone.

Applicants can withdraw requests, or proceed to a vote, but if the request is denied, it establishes a record for the property and other requests could be postponed, Cardin said.

Commission Chairman Bob Bingham indicated he didn't want the Whites to be discouraged.

"My daughter is a dietician and what you are trying to do is noble," Bingham said. "We really care about this."

Commissioner Bill Marsh agreed.

"We know you are trying to do the right thing," Marsh said.

Options were discussed. If she can't conduct seminars at her home, perhaps water aerobics or other services could be conducted at the city's Recreation Center, White said.

Codes Enforcement Officer Greg Lowe suggested White speak with employees at the recreation center.

"Talk with Jimmy Stitt," Councilman Robin Minor suggested, naming the city's aquatics director.

Bingham said it seems another business is providing health services at the Rec Center, and so Cardin again encouraged White to look elsewhere.

McCracken's letter to the city was from the Banyan Healthcare and Wellness Center at Lynnville.

Lowe noted the Montclair Health and Wellness Center's meals program would be called "Good To Go."

Also Tuesday, Ernest Henegar sought a change to the city zoning ordinance that would accommodate subdivision of property he has between the Rock Creek walkway and East Church Street near the old Murray Farm horse pasture.

Some of Henegar's property is developed with special land use zoning under a Planned Unit Development program. He wants to sell off the undeveloped part of the property, but the special kind of zoning, PUD, presents issues that need further examination by state planner Kristin Costanzo.

This issue was set aside until the planners meet in November.