Letter to the Editor

Letter: Building needs to be restored

Friday, October 22, 2010

To the editor:

I was happy to see the picture with the excellent article showing the historic building on 1st Avenue. I have long wished for someone to show an interest in this structure.

That building has meaning in many areas to a multitude of local persons. I believe it has been used in a variety of ways.

My personal interest stems from the years it was used as a secondary school.

My mother, and her siblings, attended high school in that building. She was a member of the first graduating class. She told me many times about how the school was begun "just for her." She had graduated from Verona elementary school and badly wanted to go to high school. Her family could not afford the private schools that afforded the only available further education. The Lewisburg High School, as it was called then, opened the very year she needed it! As I remember she said the graduating class' membership, was less than 10 with only one male in it.

Mr. Batey was the principal and he ran a strict ship. When my aunt heard "senior skip day" mentioned she told me that when she was a student they had "skip day." They "skipped" over the street and played in the area we now know as Rock Creek Park.

For punishment Mr. Batey assigned each of the errant students a selection from the Bible to be recited in front of the whole school. Though he never called on her, for the remainder of the term she lived in fear it would be her day to pay her dues. That was the worst punishment he could have meted. She also said for their senior trip they went to Berlin Springs (by wagon, I'm supposing).

There is a lot of history within those vine-encrusted walls. It is sad to see it in such ill repair.

Mary H. Farley