Lynnville notes

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hope everyone is preparing for the spooks that will be trick-or-treating at your home on Halloween.

If you are trick-or-treating in Lynnville, be sure and visit the "Terror Train and Haunted Museum" on Friday, Oct. 29-30 at dark. donations will be accepted. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Dress up in your best costume to visit the Terror Train and Haunted Museum. Trick or treating will be on Saturday night in downtown Lynnville. For more information, call Tim Turner at 931-424-4044 or 478-0880.

The "Lynnville Christmas Village" will be held on Saturday, Nov. 13 in the C. T. Reid Theater beginning at 8 a.m. Vendors wanting a booth should call 931-527-0032 or 931-527-3922. Next door in the Lynnville Municipal Building, lunch will be served beginning at 11 a.m. til 1 p.m. Next week the price and menu will be listed. Christmas Village will be a great place to start your Christmas shopping and enjoy a great lunch prepared by the good cooks of Lynnville.

Janet Tuckerman and Bobby Allen Hollis, Jr. will present their piano students in a "Christmas Piano and Organ Recital" in the sanctuary of the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church on Saturday, Nov. 6 beginning at 7 p.m.

Work is progressing on The Robert B. Jones Memorial Library and Museum. More details on this project later.

"The 26th Annual Lynnville Lighted Christmas Parade" will be held on Saturday, Dec. 4 beginning at 5 p.m. More details later.

Watch out for those spooks!!!!

News From The Campus of Richland Middle and High School:

The following students are attending the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN until Friday. They are: Bre Davis, Sarah Locke, Jessica Lovell, Colton Garner, Jake Ables, Jake Woodard, Landon Wilson, Cameron Calkins, Dillon Rose, Brooke West, and Kolton Harwell. Jeremy Doggett is the FFA advisor.

Officers for the Richland High School Future Teachers of America for 2010-2011 are as follows: President-Evan Beech, Vice-President-Jaycey Farrar, Secretary-Lindsey Sumners, Treasurer-Sarah Locke, Reporter-Tiffany Bledsoe, and Scrapbook-Tiffani Kuchinka and Zach Wallace. Bobby A. Hollis, Jr. is the sponsor.

Officers for the Richland High School Library Club for 2010-2011 are: President-Evan Beech, Vice-President-Girls'-Hannah Helton and Boys'-Zac Wallace, Secretary-Lindsey Sumners, Treasurer-Tiffani Kuchinka, Student Librarian-Olivia Officer, and Student Periodical Librarians-Jaycey Farrar and Lindsey Sumners. Lynn Jones and Bobby A. Hollis are the club sponsors. The Library Club will be doing a fundraiser to raise money to buy books for the library before Christmas.

From the files of Sarah Hewitt Dugger:

"Here is a listing of Postmasters for Post Offices in several communities around Lynnville. Buford's Station-Richard Warden, William S. Abernathy. The Buford's Station office name was changed to Buford. Postmasters for Buford were: William S. Abernathy, Edward Buford, David J. Follis, James D. Rhea, Thomas K. Gordon, John Paulk, Fredick D. Paulk, Arthus Baker, Evritt B. Parker, and Lucy Mae Paulk. The office was moved to Lynnville on January 31, 1951. Elkridge Post Office Postmasters were as follows: William M. Shields, Leander M. Shields, William Montgomery, John C. Walker, and James J. Walker. The office was moved to Lynnville Dec. 13, 1853. Lynn Creek Post Office-John Laird, Henry Laird, Robert C. Laird, and Franklin T. McLaurine. The Lynn Creek Post Office was moved to Lynnville on March 1838. The Lynnville Post Office Postmasters-Franklin T. McLaurine, david P. Rankin, James Ham, James M. Shields, Robert S. Montgomery, James M. Shields, Robert N. Brink, Robert S. Montgomery, Miss M. M. Montgomery, Casper E. Isaacs, J. P. Lafan, Sanford M. White, William A. Gilbreath, Emmet G. Hickman, Rufus T. Hickman, Mary B. Buford, Robert L Wagstaff, Rufus T. Hickman, Robert L Wagstaff, Ella Wagstaff Blackburn, Dorothy Blackburn Smiley, Debbie Russell Underwood, and Scott Cryer. Rich Post Office: William G. Wright. The Rich Post Office was moved to Lynnville on Jan. 31, 1902. Robertson Fork Post Office Postmasters: John Henderson. The Robertson Fork Post Office was moved to Lynnville in 1828. Waco Post Office: David L. Fry and Robert H. Witt. The Waco Post Office was moved to Lynnville on Jan. 31, 1902."