Opening arguments heard in sex assault trial

Friday, October 29, 2010

Opening arguments were heard Thursday in Marshall County Circuit Court where a Lewisburg man was being tried on charges of rape and aggravated kidnapping.

Owen Presley, 67, of 2nd Avenue North, allegedly lured a woman to his house on March 5 and forced her inside. Presley reportedly held the woman against her will while assaulting her repeatedly.

Subsequently, she escaped and went to the police, records show. She identified Presley in a photo lineup.

Detective Sgt. David Henley obtained a search warrant for Presley's house on March 6, and Presley was arrested on March 7. He has been in jail ever since, held on a $100,000 bond. The grand jury returned an eight-count indictment in June.

Presley allegedly went to the victim's home asking her for help opening his front door, according to documents in the case file. She told police he was bleeding from his head and hands, due to a fall. The victim accompanied Presley to his home, opened the door with a key he gave her, and then he shoved her inside, and into his bedroom.

"All she tried to do was help someone, and rape was what she got," Assistant District Attorney Eddie Barnard said during opening arguments.

Opening statements for the defense came from Bill Harold of the Public Defender's Office who told the jury there was no proof of rape, and the only link between the defendant and his alleged victim was Presley's blood on the woman's clothing.