Two men get length sentences

Friday, October 29, 2010

Two men pleaded guilty to drug charges in Circuit Court this month and received lengthy sentences.

Gregory A. "Whitey" Everhart, 55, of Pulaski, was indicted on 12 counts by the grand jury when they met in July. He was accused of selling Lortabs and crack cocaine to a confidential informant working for the 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force in October and November 2009. Everhart has a criminal record in Michigan and New York State.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler accepted Everhart's guilty plea, and sentenced him to an effective total of 23 years. As a "persistent" offender, Everhart must serve 45 percent of his time before being eligible for parole. He has also been fined a total of $8,000. When Everhart was sentenced on Oct. 6, he had a pre-trial jail credit of 140 days, so he could be free before Christmas in 2020.

Everhart was represented by court-appointed lawyer Terry Hernando.

Ronnie L. "Ron-Ron" Thomison, 28, of Lewisburg, was indicted in November 2009. A five-count indictment charged him with possession with intent to sell and deliver both marijuana and crack cocaine, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.

Thomison was represented by Nashville attorney Sheryl D. Guinn. A search by agents of the 17th JDDTF of a residence on Sanders Street where Thomison sometimes stayed with his girlfriend led to the discovery of crack cocaine, marijuana, scales, and $4,500 cash in March 2009. Guinn energetically sought to have evidence from this search suppressed, but after a lengthy hearing, Crigler denied her motion.

Thomison was sentenced to 25 years on the count of possession with intent to sell crack cocaine, and the other four counts were dismissed. As a "persistent" offender, Thomison will have to serve 45 percent of his sentence, or 11 1/4 years, before being eligible for parole. Crigler also ordered Thomison to pay a fine of $2,000.