Voting seemed moderate Tuesday afternoon

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Voter turnout for the midterm Congressional election and two state legislative races drew 7,637 Marshall County voters to the polls, including the 3,429 voters who cast early or absentee ballots.

That total voter turnout of nearly 7,640 votes is nearly 43 percent of the more than 17,000 registered voters in Marshall County. Throughout the two-week early voting period, all ballots were cast at election headquarters in Lewisburg.

"It looks a little slower" on election day, said Election Commissioner Fred Fleischer, proprietor of Computer Tutor Plus on West Commerce Street, who was at the Commission office Tuesday afternoon as voters trickled in for the mid-term congressional election.

Meanwhile, Samantha Darnell, 20, of Belfast, filled out a voter registration form at the election office on Tuesday so she could vote next time.

"I thought I was registered," Darnell said, explaining that somebody was to have taken her voter registration form to the office and filed it for her, but that didn't happen.

The Columbia State Community College student is working at a convenience store and studying with the ambition of becoming an "underwater construction worker." Had she been eligible to vote Tuesday, it would appear as though she would have voted for former Marshall County Commission Chairman Billy Spivey for state House.

"The Spivey guy has a lot of signs toward the Rec Center," she said.

At the poll in the offices of the Lewisburg Gas Department, Elyse Thomas, 25, of Lewisburg, reacted to the nature of the election campaign.

"It was ugly and silly," she said.

Thomas recalled a news report about several billion dollars having been spent on election campaigns.

"I can think of 742 other things that could be spent on," she said.

Also at the Gas Department polling place was Louisa Davis, 26, of Cochran Lane. She and her husband are moving to Spring Hill as they work and attend law school.

"I'm a conservative Republican," she said when asked what she wants from the election. "Small government, not big government and less government control."