Political leaders asked to sort recyclable materials

Friday, November 5, 2010

In recognition of America Recycles Day, the Marshall County Solid Waste Department is inviting public officials to the county recycling sort line where they will be asked to try their hand at separating plastic, metal and paper.

Elected officials sorting recyclables? "That's what we hope, anyway," Marshall County Solid Waste Director Morgan Thomas said Friday morning about how his department plans to mark the day in a meaningful way toward furthering the cause of recycling.

"Wednesday the 10th we're having an America Recycles kickoff with a reception and an open house with a tour of our recycling facility," Thomas said. "The message ... is for that whole week, to get people who are not recycling, to try. If we can get people to try with something easy, they'll become regular recyclers."

The Materials Recovery Facility is located behind the Hardison Office Annex at 230 College St. The money made from selling the sorted and baled recycled materials is used to help finance Marshall County's solid waste program.

City Mayor Barbara Woods has been known as the "recycle lady," since long before curbside recycling started in Lewisburg, and continues her effort to get Marshall County residents to recycle.

America Recycles Day is held annually on Nov. 15. In observance of this day, Thomas is asking people to recycle that week.

"If you have never recycled before, pick out one item and start," he said. "Put it in your cart all week and place it at the curb on your recycle day, or bring it to one of our drop-off locations. If you are already recycling, thank you."

The main household recyclables that can be put in the green recycling bins made available to Lewisburg residents are all kinds of paper, boxes, junk mail, magazines, any kind of cardboard, drink cans, plastic bottles and containers, tin cans, and metal items. Recycling of glass is available in Marshall County, but for safety reasons glass cannot be added to curbside recycling bins. Bins for clear and colored glass are located at the convenience centers and other places around the county.

For more information on recycling in Marshall County visit the Web site marshallcountyrecycles.com. Also visit the America Recycles Day Web site, www.kab.org, and click on the 11.15.10 icon.

"Anyone wanting to know the nearest location to recycle anything can go to the www.Earth911.com Web site, type in their zip code and the item and it will direct them to the nearest location that will accept that item," Woods said.