LDA gives MCHS $300

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Lewisburg Downtown Alliance has donated $300 to Marshall County High School to buy supplies with money from the LDA's Halloween event when volunteers at the haunted house clashed over personal behavior.

Several students earned credits toward the Tennessee Diploma Project and MCHS Principal Keith Stacey gratefully received the donation, according to LDA President Leland Carden, a Methodist minister and Lewisburg planning commissioner.

Carden has acknowledged a dispute between volunteers for the haunted house, including Aaron Malakai Smyth and Rob Dalton who report different views of their behavior and language in front of juveniles.

Dalton complained to the City Council on Nov. 9, and Mayor Barbara Woods agreed to gather information about his allegations. Woods has not yet reported anything to substantiate the allegations, and independent inquiries had the same results, indicating student volunteers have not complained.

Dalton said he defended youth volunteers against mistreatment and a threat that they might not get credits toward their project.

Smyth reported he'd asked Dalton to behave, just the opposite of what Dalton alleged.

A police officer was called to the haunted house, but at the scene those present decided law enforcement wasn't required.

Since the situation was revealed two weeks ago, the LDA reviewed the chain of events and other aspects of the Halloween program dubbed the Rock Creek Horror Picture Show.

The differences and reactions to them prompted a couple of LDA members to resign -- Dalton's brother and a girlfriend. The brother wrote a letter to the editor. It's printed on page 4A of today's edition.