Haywood is new county counsel

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Marshall County has changed lawyers as a result of a 12-4 vote by county commissioners last week when one was absent and another abstained.

Lewisburg-based attorney Bill Haywood succeeds Ginger Bobo Shofner of Shelbyville whose father, John T. Bobo, served the county Nov. 22.

Bobo is a partner in the firm where Shofner works.

"We'll continue to work with you any way we can," Bobo said, promising a smooth transition.

Haywood is the immediate past city attorney for Lewisburg. Today is his first day as county attorney.

Commissioner Anna Childress asked for an explanation on why Haywood separated from the city and the lawyer replied that it was a result of budget cutting.

"I was asked to take a pay cut of one half my salary," he said. "I took myself out of the running."

Haywood is also one of three top officials to depart City Hall in recent moths. The others are Eddie Fuller who retired as city manager, and Terry Wallace who served as industrial development director after his term as county mayor.

Haywood had been city attorney for a decade. Fuller was city manager for more than 16 years.

Shofner and Haywood were the only applicants for the position of county attorney. Both lowered the terms of their employment which include a retainer plus an hourly wage which, when combined, makes calculation of annual compensation nearly impossible because much of it depends on how much legal advice is requested.

For the 12 months through October 2010, Shofner was paid $33,771.37, according to records at the county budget office. Before she succeeded Lee Bowles, Shofner provided legal advice to county planning and zoning officials because of legal complications over various land matters.

Voting for Haywood were Commissioners Childress, Phil Willis, Nathan Johnson, Dean Delk, Mike Waggoner, Rocky Bowden, E.W. Hill, Barry Spivey, Kevin VanHooser, John Christmas, Sheldon Davis and Jeff Taylor.

John Richard Hill Jr. at first voted yes, but changed to no, voting with Commission Chairman Tom Sumners and Commissioners Don Ledford and Reynelle Peacock Smith.

Commissioner Mickey King abstained. Commissioner Seth Warf was absent for health reasons.