Catalpa News

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello again. Things here are pretty rough right now. I hope you will forgive me for not writing very much this week. Mama is back in St Thomas. She had some sort of spell Saturday and, after spending six hours at Marshall Medical - only to be sent home - she was airlifted to Nashville on Sunday morning. We are so glad that Connie is there to look after her. Please keep our family in your prayers.

We had a great Thanksgiving last week. I cooked most of the meal beforehand then finished it up at Mama and Daddy's. As usual we all ate too much. Later we sat on the porch until the wind shifted and drove us back in the house. It didn't seem right that the weather should be that warm for the last of November. (And NO my cooking didn't make Mama sick...HA.)

Most all of our family missed church Sunday with the exception of Charlie and Logan Pack. We were thankful that Alice watched over them and later delivered them to their great-grandmother's while we were in Nashville. Tony Williams wasn't able to be at church Sunday morning either. Gary Douglas was there to fill in for everyone and also at the Merihil service.

"Jesse Head isn't doing as well." When I typed this last month, we had no idea that he would only have a few more hours to live upon this earth. Jesse passed away late Tuesday night, Nov. 16, after a long hard fight. He was a good friend to many and a talented and hard worker. There will be a huge hole in his family as well as our church family for a long time to come. Jesse had served as a deacon for Catalpa church for many years and was instrumental in getting our annex built onto the church building. He ran a TV repair shop in Petersburg many years ago and was also a postal worker in Columbia.

There was a large crowd in attendance at Catalpa for his funeral. He was buried at Talley Cemetery beside his first wife, Wanda, and daughter, Marla. We especially want to send our deepest sympathy to his second wife, Marilyn, his son, Michael, and the rest of their families.

Our sympathy also goes out to the family of J. B. Bradford, formerly of Delina. He passed away Nov. 15. He was buried in Short Cemetery. His brother, W. L. Bradford, of Delina, survives.

I just read on Facebook that the Andrew Looney family is expecting twins. Congratulations to them. Andrew is Gary and June Douglas's step-grandson.

This Saturday is a big day for Christmas parades. Lewisburg and Shelbyville will be having their parades that afternoon. I hope that the weather cooperates because my girls and I will be riding in the Shelbyville parade.

Next Saturday, Dec. 11, Petersburg will be holding their parade at 2 p.m. If you would like to be in this parade, line-up begins at 1 p.m. at the Old Morgan School and there is no entry fee. After the parade, Howell will be having a "Country Breakfast in the Evening," beginning at 4 p.m. with Santa arriving at 6 p.m. The list of food is a long one and the price is reasonable. Contact Doug Buchanan for more information at 931-433-7042. Cane Creek will also be having their first annual Bon Fire/Weiner Roast that night at 7 p.m.

I have one birthday to mention, my poem, and then I will call it a day. Dillon Bean and Amber Douglas will celebrate their birthdays on Dec. 8. Have a happy one, OK!

You Are Never Alone

There's truly nothing we need to know

If we have faith wherever we go.

God will be there to help us bear

Our disappointments, pain and care,

For he is our Shepherd, our Father, our Guide.

You're never alone with the Lord at your side.

-- By Helen Steiner Rice