IDB endorses loading dock

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lewisburg's Industrial Development Board on Monday endorsed plans for development of a loading dock at a railroad spur off Spring Place Road behind Martin Welding.

The idea, raised by Matt Harris, proprietor of Brother's Fine Foods, has been considered by city leaders for at least four months. Harris and other businessmen have noted there's a possibility of costs savings by rail freight and a dock would be helpful.

City councilmen met with Alan K. Beaty, manager of regional development for CSX railroad, late last month when questions raised by Councilman Ronald McRady were to be e-mailed to one of Beaty's associates at CSX headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla. The council is to consider the issue Tuesday.

IDB Chairman Eddie Wiles asked City Attorney Steve Broadway if two contracts sent to Lewisburg by CSX for an agreement on a loading dock would present any unusual liabilities, and Broadway said no.

"We're here to promote industry," Wiles said after Councilman Quinn Stewart noted the loading and unloading area could be used by Walker Die Casting and Lewisburg Printing.

McRady counseled caution, saying that written agreements are needed because, "If you have a loss here, if somebody gets hurt [then] everybody gets amnesia if it's not in writing."

Liability limits had been reviewed. They were reviewed again, briefly.

IDB member Lee Morrison asked Broadway: "From a legal standpoint, is everything covered?" Broadway replied that liabilities are everywhere, but the contracts seemed reasonable and CSX had yielded on some points raised by McRady.

The vote was unanimous to recommend the CSX agreements to the city council.

Mayor Barbara Woods and Councilman Odie Whitehead Jr. attended the IDB meeting.