Joblessness up in Marshall County

Friday, December 24, 2010

NASHVILLE -- Marshall County's unemployment rate increased nearly one percent in November, according to the state's Labor and Workforce Development Department.

The new rate of 16.2 percent is eight tenths of one percentage point higher than the October rate of 15.4 percent, although it is a full percentage point lower than joblessness a year ago in November when the rate was 17.2 percent.

Nearly 2,000 people in Marshall County were unemployed last month. More specifically, that's 1,950 out of a workforce of 12,020. Of those, 10,070 are employed.

Marshall County continues to have the second highest unemployment rate in the state and neighboring Lincoln County continues to have the lowest unemployment rate. That lowest rate of 6.3 percent, up from the October rate of six percent, has been attributed to the proximity of Huntsville where government contracting and the space program continue to drive that area's economy.

Meanwhile, Scott County continues to have the state's highest unemployment rate at 19.9 percent, up from 18.9 percent in the previous month.

Tennessee's unemployment rate in November was 9.4 percent, unchanged from the October rate. The national unemployment rate last month was 9.8 percent, up two-tenths of a percentage point from the October rate.

Unemployment rates in counties near Marshall are: 8.7 percent, unchanged from the previous month, in Davidson County; 11.7 percent in Bedford County, down .9 percent from October; 14.1 percent in Maury County, up 2.2 percent last month; 12.7 percent in Giles County, down .6 percent in a month; 6.8 percent in Williamson, up .3 percent; and 8.4 percent in Rutherford County, up .3 percent.

Joblessness increased in 85 Tennessee counties, decreased in eight and was unchanged in two.