Letter: Here are questions about city, sewer service

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To the Editor:

Is more money stolen with a pencil, and threats of water service being cut off if not paid, happening right before local city officials, local and state law enforcement's eyes each month?

Is that happening, against Lewisburg's law, the Lewisburg City Charter or even the Lewisburg city sewer ordinances? (Read page 17.) Should not the city mayor, city council, city police, and state attorney general act at once to investigate, arrest, punish and stop those laws being broken? Should they refund back to its rightful owners the pencil-stolen money, as some see it, taken under threat of much needed water service being cut off?

How could the Lewisburg Water Department management policy "ever charge or continue to over charge," basing those charges on maximum water meter readings? Are they knowingly using the state attorney general's ruling wrongly and possibly breaking that ruling -- which may be read to mean only minimum charge --charging those of us with septic tanks based on maximum water meter readings, instead of minimum flat rate? Those of us using septic tanks, our sewer water does not enter city sewer lines to even be treated by Lewisburg Water Department, because we have no connection at all to the city sewer line.

How can they even charge any charge for the sewer service even if the sewer line is available? Read the City Charter and city sewer ordinances. Do those take first precedent over state law, as long as state law was not broken, does that not break city law by even charging?

Do those of us using septic tanks not all deserve our money back from those over-charges, mistakes -- call then what you will?

Do they break state law when charging maximum and does not the city sewer ordinance say you have to be connected (page 17), yet are they not and have been breaking one, if not both, city and state law? If City Charter or city sewer ordinance both say they can charge, then does the state attorney general's ruling say minimum charge? Thereby requiring a refund for all over-charges above minimum charge?

Bob Lowe