Guilty pleas lead to prison terms

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guilty pleas from several defendants were accepted during the final Circuit Court session before the Christmas holidays.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler spent a full day on the bench. In addition to accepting guilty pleas, he sentenced two men who had been found guilty by juries earlier this fall, and conducted arraignments for defendants indicted by the grand jury.

* Bradley E. Boucher, 23, of Bethbirei Road, pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and was sentenced to serve five years at 30 percent. He also pleaded guilty to a charge of failure to appear, and received an 18-month sentence, also at 30 percent, to be served after the first one. Thus, he could be eligible for a parole hearing in about two years.

According to documents in his case file, Boucher and a friend took a 50-inch Sanyo plasma TV, purchased two months earlier for $762.57, from a home on Woodlawn Avenue on Feb. 17. A neighbor told police two men loaded the TV into a Camaro, and a short time later, Boucher was stopped on North Ellington Parkway because his vehicle had its temporary tag upside down and the passenger was not wearing a seat belt. Lewisburg Police Officer Kevin Clark was aware that a similar car had recently been used in a burglary, so a witness was brought to the scene who positively identified the two men as the ones he had seen leaving the Woodlawn Avenue residence with the TV.

* Gerald S. Kosirog, 26, of Verona Caney Road, pleaded guilty to violation of the terms of the Sex Offender Registry and to violation of his community supervision parole. He was sentenced to serve three years on each charge, and Crigler ordered that these terms be served one after the other. Kosirog must serve 35 percent of his sentence before being eligible for a parole hearing, so he could be free early in 2013.

According to documents in his case file, Kosirog admitted he had "been around" one of his former victims in July. He had been released in March after serving most of an eight-year sentence for aggravated sexual battery in Maury and Williamson counties. Strict conditions of the Sex Offender Registry prohibit a paroled offender from living where there is a minor in the household, from living within 1,000 feet of the residence of a former victim, and from coming within 100 feet of a former victim, and Kosirog violated all of these.