County schools closed, roads chief has salt for roads

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marshall County schoolsare closed Friday because of snow, but the Highway Department got two truck-loads of salt this week and has been spreading it where trouble could be expected.

Those two truck-loads weighed a total of 36 tons, according to Roads Supervisor Eddie Liggett, speaking early Thursday afternoon at Highway Superintendent Jerry Williams' office.

That's all the county was allowed to buy, Liggett said, noting that it's probably enough to deal with county roads such as Old Columbia Road and the hill traversed by Yell Road.

The county has 80 tons of snow, but ran out as it was dealing with road conditions that came with 8-10 inches of snow that fell here early last week.

The department does not salt or plow roads surfaced with only oil and chip coatings because such treatment would cause more problems than the treatment could prevent.

Marshall County schools were closed at 2 p.m. Thursday. That's early, but not so much that the day's attendance would count as a full day, meaning the county still has four snow days left this winter.

With the closing this Friday, the county has three days left budgeted into its school calender. Schools Director Roy Dukes said he and the Board of Edcation should have a discussion on what to do if this winter's weather continues to consume budgeted snow days.