City salt ready

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
A Lewisburg Public Works employee drives a front-end loader to fill the salt spreader box of a city truck made ready for the next snowfall.

Lewisburg's Public Works Department is ready for ol' man winter.

"We've got enough salt for this year," Public Works Director Kenny Ring said Friday.

With 75-80 tons of salt in the salt shed between North Ellington Parkway and Jones Circle that day, Ring directed one of his men to load the salt spreader to be prepared.

The tractor was parked back in the shed and the truck was driven back to the Public Works Garage on North Fifth Avenue until it was needed again.

It was before noon on Friday when Buck Beard, the office man at the garage, reported, "It was slipperier this morning than it was last week."

Freezing rain and black ice again proved to be more problematic than 6-10 inches of snow that fell across Marshall County on Jan. 9.

Twenty-one Public Works employees tend to about 72 miles of city streets, Ring said.

Their duties include spraying that salty water mix of brine on the streets before snow falls.

It's especially important on David and Skyline drives and Moonlight Trail, three city streets with hills that pose a problem in the winter weather that's proved so challenging this month.

Friday, Ring said that roads in the city Industrial Park were the "worst... because of the hills and the curves."

Calls for treatment also come from residents of White Drive, especially "where they come off Mooresville Highway," Ring said.

Police call in places where roads are slick.

And there are other duties for the Public Works employees.

One is to replace police cruiser tires with snow treads.