Letter to the Editor

Letters: Thanks for thinking of safety

Friday, February 11, 2011

To the editor:

This is concerning the article about "snow routes and children not being at school for meals" in the Feb. 4 issue of the Marshall County Tribune.

We don't know Mr. Randy Perryman, but commend him and others for standing up for children's safety. That is what comes first.

We are for education all the way. You cannot get anywhere in life without it. Children need to go and absorb all the knowledge while they have the opportunity. Face facts - education is no good if children are in a bus accident and get killed or injured for life just because of icy roads. It's an accident waiting to happen that could be prevented. Don't wait until its too late and say, "Oh my gosh, we need to change that rule."

As for children relying on those school meals as an excuse, my wife and I both know what that means, having been children ourselves but, guess what during Christmas break, summer, and when they are sick and all the other school holidays, they make it then and we did too, so a couple of snow days is not so bad when you put safety first. Especially when we don't always have that many bad weather days. Children in need of free or reduced meals get what they need at school but you need to worry about how to get better federal help for when school is not in session. I don't think anyone wants to put their child's life in danger, because of a bus accident due to icy roads.

One other problem with some people not wanting school out is babysitters. I know it's hard but that's something you need to plan for when you decide to have a family. What do you do when they get sick? That's something you can't control and the weather is, also.

It's not fair to have snow routes and some children fall behind in school just because of where they live. That's what we call discrimination.

Children are not the only ones putting their lives in danger in bad weather. It's the whole school system. We need them all. They do a fantastic job with all our children. We also want to say thank you to Mr. Dukes and all the other board members who do put our future and our beautiful children's safety first.

Mike and Edith Watkins

Holly Grove Road

To the editor:

Aug. 19, 2010, Water Board Minutes "The agenda was changed in order to allow Bob Lowe to address the Board with some concerns he had with the sewer use fee. After some discussion among the Board, Gary Bolling moved and Billy Hill seconded to let the City Council review the Sewer Use Ordinance - concerning sewer use fees. Motion passed. Voice - 3 ayes."

Legally allowing the Lewisburg City Council to address and review the Sewer Use Ordinance.

What is their problem?

Well, read the Lewisburg City Sewer Ordinance, page 17: "(3) Fair User Charge System. User fees for the discharge of wastewater to the POTW shall be based on the Fair User Charge System approved by the State of Tennessee for use by the City. The Fair User Charge Fee Schedule shall be updated annually to reflect changes in the actual cost of maintaining and operating the POTW, and the depreciation of facilities and debt amortization. The Fair User Charge Fee Schedule shall be based on an equitable distribution of costs of 'Accounting and Collecting' and 'Administration and General' to all customers connected to the POTW and to each lot, parcel of land or premises which may now or hereinafter be located within one hundred (100) feet of a sanitary sewer owned by the City; and an equitable distribution of costs of operating expenses, debt amortization, and depreciation to all customers connected to the POTW based on water usages as determined by water meters owned by the city."

Does that not read they had no right to even charge in the first place?

Does the Water Department attorney, referring to the 2002 Attorney General Ruling at a past Water Board meeting, was that basing State law over City does not City take first precedent when those laws don't conflict, if no charge was ever legally allowed by City Charter Sewer Ordnance, Fair User Charge Fee System, but as to the State point, could only then the City Council legally set sewer charges of those not connected to only minimum charge, based on 2002 Attorney General Ruling?

Bob Lowe


To the editor:

Yesterday I stood on Spring Place Road and looked across the empty space that was Faber-Castell Pencil Co. I couldn't believe it was all gone. And I remembered some 65 years ago when a group of grade schoolers, some high-school dropouts, a few with diplomas, along with husbands, wives and families, took a little two-room pencil company called Linton's from down on First Avenue in Lewisburg to one of the greatest pencil companies in the world.

We have Mr. Sam Linton, Mr. Sam Rutledge, Dick Stepp, and all the people that came after them to thank for keeping us together for so long and for the 42 years I spent there.

I used to tell my little granddaughter, "Sometimes I wish I had taken another road," and she said, "What road are you talking about, Nannie?"

But I know now this was the only road I could have taken or I would have missed all the good friends I met along the way.

So goodbye Linton -- Faber -- Sanford -- and all the names you have been. You have served us well and we will miss you.

Grace Hilton Austin