Five city election candidates' name in ring

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

With a filing deadline at noon Thursday, it would appear the two ward elections in Lewisburg on May 3 might have a total of five candidates, according to a recent check of county election office records.

First Ward Councilman Quinn Brandon Stewart may have two challengers as she and the Rev. Steve Thomas and Robert Christoph of Titan Way have picked up petitions to run for council. No petition had been filed in that race as of noon Monday.

Meanwhile, 5th Ward Councilman Robin Minor has filed his petition to the Marshall County Election Commission asking that his name be included on the printed ballot.

Previously, Jeff Payne of Sumerset Circle had filed his petition with signatures from qualified voters in Ward 5 so he could challenge Minor.

Campaigning, if there has been any, appears to be quiet so far, but the election was mentioned during the city council meeting on Feb. 8 when Minor added to his remarks about an on-going subject of discussion -- policies on charging for sewer service.

He's apparently taken a position against the utility's practice of charging a fee -- based on water usage -- for the proximity of sewers and therefore the availability of the service even though there's no connection.

"Let's do what's fair," Minor said during another lengthy discussion on the policy. "I do hope the voters remember that."

Results of the election will be known in 11 weeks.

The last day to register to vote in the city's May 3 election is Monday, April 4, or two days short of seven weeks from now.

As of Monday, there were 1,065 people registered to vote in Ward 1, and 1,205 registered to vote in Ward 5.

Stewart and Minor are in their first terms on the council. They were elected in May 2007.

There was a total of 382 people voting in the 2007 election with 187 voting in Ward 1, and 195 voting in Ward 5.

Noon on Feb. 24 is the last opportunity for a candidate to withdraw from the race after having filed a petition to be named on the ballot.

Early voting at the election office is April 13-28.