On 3-2 vote, council hires city manager

Friday, February 18, 2011

Former Lewisburg banker David Orr, who's been a Marshall County High School substitute teacher and athletic program advocate, was offered the job of city manager Tuesday night by Mayor Barbara Woods.

City Councilmen voted 3-2 for Orr during a special called session that evening when Councilmen Hershel Davis, Robin Minor and Odie Whitehead Jr. voted for Orr. Voting for James L. Pennington of Hartsville, S.C. were Councilmen Quinn Brandon Stewart and Ronald McRady.

The third of the top three was Alan Grindstaff of Jasper, Texas.

Orr could have started work at City Hall on Wednesday, according to council discussion after the vote. However, Woods explained that Orr felt obliged to fulfill his obligation to MCHS and that might result in him taking office on March 1.

He succeeds Eddie Fuller who retired as city manager after more than 16 years in the position and three decades working for the city.

Orr offered to work as city manager for $10,000 less than Fuller whose salary, according to council discussion with the city treasurer Tuesday night, was $76,400 when he retired. As a result, Woods was to offer Orr $66,400 when she called him after the meeting.

During the meeting there was extensive discussion about how one person's allegations about Grindstaff at Jasper City Hall are contrary to other information in Police Chief Chuck Forbis' background check.

Since the session in City Hall was first a non-voting workshop, followed by a special called meeting on the manager's job only, there was discussion on a number of other matters.

Volunteers and vendors who've participated in the annual Goats Music and More Festival have been asking if there will be a festival next fall, according to Woods who relayed information to the council.

The festival should be held, councilmen responded. However, because of continued financial constraints, they could not state an amount that would be budgeted. The next city budget doesn't start until July 1.

And the rules on collection of extra rubbish were discussed again with recurring emphasis on how no special treatment should be allowed.