Public records

Friday, February 18, 2011

Marriage Licenses

Charles Edward Cates and Amber Nicole Matheson; Billy Joe Ford and Tina Marie Ouellette; Phillip Aaron Norton and Kellie Kathleen Kilgore; Ofir Perez Perez and Sabrina Leeann Gray; Jeramy Michael Rainey and Rosa Faye Ragsdale.

Business Listings

Antonia Bartolo, 2756 Call Hill Rd, Nashville, TN 37211; Brandon Daniel Murphy, 2756 Call Hill Rd, Nashville, TN 37211; James Ray Owen, 5160 Reynolds Rd, Columbia, TN 38401.

Land Transfers

Roy C. Flowers Addition, Lot 1, 0.81 acres, $5,000, District 2, from James Parks Gold to Roy C. Flowers; Jeff Whaley and Scotty L. Stegall Survey, Lot 7, 8.90 acres, $30,000, District 2, from Jeffrey T. Whaley and Scotty L. Stegall to Josh Donnell and Emily E. Darnell; Greater Lewisburg Heights, Lot 1, $60,000, District 3, from Jennifer Justice to Regina C. and Henry Foster Jr.; Hickory Heights Addition S/D, Section 1, Lot 10, $100,000, District 3, from Tommy and Peggy Lawwell to Bryan E. and Amy J. Potts;

Forrest Hills S/D, Section 8, Lot 72, $207,500, District 3, from John B. Tracy and Peggi Littrell to Andre and Barbara Pitts; Tract, $12,000, District 3, from Nora Lee Allen to Chad and Leslie Woodward; Jennifer Acres, Section 4, Lot 16, $120,000, District 7, from Susan D. Varga to Jason and Brandy Davis; Azalee Acres S/D, Section 2, Lot 16, $3,000, from Charles L. Tune to Phillip Edward Zimmerle.