Spivey named county GOP chair

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Marshall County Republican Party has a new chairman.

Billy Spivey succeeded Shirley Lowe on Feb. 15. She decided to step aside. He was elected by acclamation.

Spivey might be best known as the county commission chairman who ran for the 63rd District state House seat held by state Rep. Eddie Bass (D-Prospect), so he was asked if his new position means he won't run for the House again.

"That's next year," Spivey replied. "I won't say that I won't. Now, I've got an obligation to the party and I want to serve it proudly and take it down the path that it's been on, due to the work of the leaders who make a huge difference."

GOP chairmen here serve two-year terms.

Lowe is one of the moving forces behind the Pregnancy Resource Center on East Commerce Street. It's a personal interest she has and it's time consuming, she said on Saturday. She felt as though she had to choose one or the other.

Spivey agreed; "She's busy."

His plans are "to grow" the local party and focus on issues that he sees as important.

"Marshall County has been on top of the unemployment list for too long," he said Monday. "We haven't gotten the attention we need and deserve.

"Judging from the last election cycle, we're ready to make a difference," Spivey said, referring to the November election and his view of the significant conservative voter turnout.

"Marshall County is a Republican County," the new county party chairman declared.

Meanwhile, he said, "We've got our annual dinner coming up, so I'm working hard on planning that and I'm hoping for a very, very attractive speaker," someone or several dignitaries who will address issues of substance.