Brewer gets promotion

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lewisburg City Council has promoted its secretary to be the new city recorder, a position that reports directly to the council.

Long-time secretary Brenda Brewer has taken on one of the two titles that Connie Edde has had at City Hall during her 33-1/2 years working for Lewisburg.

Edde announced her intention to retire last month. She's been serving as recorder and treasurer, positions that are sometime separate in city governments, and sometimes interwoven into the duties of one official.

After a workshop discussion on what should be done - including Brewer's agreement to be available for whatever the council needed - there was a unanimous vote to promote Brewer and separate the positions of recorder and treasurer.

Brewer's new responsibilities come with a $3,600 pay raise, bringing her salary to about $40,000.

Brewer has worked for the city for more than 20 years, most of that at city Hall. Previously she worked at the Police Department.

Edde has agreed to continue to work for the city as councilmen hire and start a successor as treasurer, but the work won't always be full time and she would be allowed to do some of the work at home.

"I would like to get somebody hired and on board as quickly as we can," Edde said.

Her retirement is the latest among four top-level jobs at City Hall that have seen change in less than a year. Eddie Fuller retired as city manager. Bill Haywood declined to accept a pay cut as city attorney and is now the county attorney. Terry Wallace was dismissed without cause by Fuller after councilmen expressed a desire for change.